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Great March of Return

  • Videos show Israeli soldiers sniping unarmed protesters in Gaza

    Attempts to retroactively portray Friday's demonstrators as Hamas militants, stone-throwers, or human shields serves only one purpose: to quiet the Israeli conscience. The Israeli army and Israel's hasbara apparatus wasted no time blaming the 16 Palestinians killed by Israeli army snipers last Friday for their own deaths. Infographics were released within hours. Talking points distributed. Israel was defending its sovereign border, they said. [tmwinpost] Two videos published on the day of the carnage in Gaza, however, show a different story. They appear to show Israeli snipers positioned behind dirt mounds on the other side of the border fence shooting and killing unarmed protesters —…

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  • Where is Palestine's Gandhi? Marching in Gaza

    Rather than ask when the Palestinians will produce a Gandhi, we must ask when Israel will produce a leader that does not subjugate an occupied population through lethal violence. By Neve Gordon For decades Zionists have blamed the Palestinians for Israel's ongoing colonial project. "If only the Palestinians had a Mahatma Gandhi," many Israeli liberals have exclaimed, "then the occupation would end." [tmwinpost] But if one truly wished to find Palestinian Mahatma Gandhis all one needed to do is look at the images of protesters on Friday night's news broadcasts. An estimated 30,000 Palestinians joined the nonviolent March of Return, which aimed to set up a…

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  • Following deadly march, hundreds of Israelis rally for Gaza

    Protesters denounce Israel's deadly response to the Gaza return march on Friday, when Israeli troops killed at least 15 demonstrators and wounded at least 1,400.  Some 300 Israelis protested along the Gaza border Saturday in solidarity with the Great Return March demonstrations in Gaza that began a day earlier. Across a field of wheat, the white tents of the march were visible through the early-spring haze. The protest was organized by the Coalition of Women for Peace, a feminist, anti-occupation organization. [tmwinpost] On the Gaza side of the border fence, Israel forces reportedly wounded 25 Palestinian demonstrators on Saturday. On…

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  • Photos: Tens of thousands march on Gaza border, Israeli troops open fire

    At least 12 Palestinians are killed and 1,100 wounded as Israeli forces open fire on Palestinian protesters gathering at the Gaza-Israel border fence to mark the beginning of 'The Great Return March,' a 45-day-long series of events and protests planned to culminate on May 15 — Nakba Day. Despite using deadly force against the demonstrators Israeli army did not report a single casualty among its troops. Photos by Mohammed Zaanoun, Oren Ziv (Activestills), and +972 Magazine Text by +972 Magazine Staff Tens of thousands of Palestinians protested at the Gaza-Israel border fence on Friday, marking the beginning of the "Great Return March,"…

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