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Golan Heights

  • With Egypt strike, Israel violates two borders in three days

    Two incidents in three days, in which Israel’s military was caught with its hand beyond its borders, raise questions of sovereignty and what it means to Israel. Sovereignty is a funny thing. Some countries claim more of it than they really have, some don’t have full control over their sovereign territory or airspace, and others willingly cede some of their sovereignty for a number of reasons. Two cases of Israel violating the sovereignty of its neighbors made headlines in the past few days. The first incident involved Israeli combat soldiers infiltrating Lebanon’s borders on Wednesday. Israeli violations of Lebanon’s airspace, maritime…

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  • Netanyahu uses Syria tensions to send Washington a message

    By comparing the deteriorating security situation along Israel's northern border with security arrangements in any future Palestinian peace deal, was Netanyahu making declarations to thwart the success of Kerry's planned peace talks? Prime Minister Netanyahu said a few interesting (and politically genius) things at the weekly cabinet meeting Sunday. Various media outlets construed his statement in different ways, which was apparent in the different headlines with which they led. Many English-language news sites chose some variation of the headline: "Israel won't intervene in Syria unless fired upon." The Times of Israel, however, led with, "Netanyahu alludes to military action at Syrian border,"…

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  • The Israeli occupation the world forgot: the Golan Heights

    While the mainstream media commonly refers to the West Bank and Gaza as the Occupied Palestinian Territories, it often incorrectly calls the Golan Heights part of Israel. How has the occupation impacted the Golan? And why has the world forgotten it?  Earlier this month, The Atlantic published “2011: The Year in Photos.” It included a picture of Palestinian protesters climbing the fence that separates, according to The Atlantic, the “Israel-Syria border… near Majdal Shams.” The caption explained that Majdal Shams is located in “northern Israel.” Imagine the fury if mainstream media outlets referred to the occupied West Bank as “Judea and Samaria.” That would be equivalent…

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  • Reflections on Nakba Day 2011, from the Palestinian diaspora

    By Mahdi Sabbagh Following the inspiring yet tragic events of May 15th, when many Palestinians in various countries demonstrated to mark Nakba Day, and the general build-up to that day, I have been attempting to make sense of the protests, Israel’s brutal response and the political connotations and media craze that followed; not so much from an ‘international relations’ political perspective but from a cultural-political perspective. The following reflection centers on the internal narratives and realities of the Palestinian people. It does not address the relationship between the Palestinian and the Israeli narrative; which would be a constructive exercise for…

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  • New video of the Israeli army firing on demonstrators in the Golan Heights

    New videos are starting to emerge from the occupied Golan Heights where the Israeli army attacked unarmed demonstrators coming from the Syrian side of the border yesterday. The video is a testament to unarmed demonstration in the face of military gunshots. The scenes of unarmed men, woman and children swaying flags and chanting while being shot at conjure images from Egypt's Tahrir square at the height of the Egyptian revolution.

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  • What Liberman's remarks about Sykes-Picot mean

    Israel’s Foreign Minister exposes Israel’s imperialist ambitions, own ignorance Our grotesquerie of a foreign minister, Avigdor Liberman, announced during the weekend that Syria is not a partner for peace. This did not draw much attention; we have become inured to Liberman’s provocation, and following Liberman’s appearance in the UN, when he pronounced his party’s platform to be Israel’s policy without being rebuked by PM Netanyahu, he would have to work hard indeed in order to get himself a headline in this category. But actually, Liberman did provide a headline; it’s just that the Israeli media missed it. As Didi Remez…

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