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gershon baskin

  • What went wrong? Learning from the mistakes of Oslo

    Can Israeli, Palestinian and American negotiators learn from their mistakes in order to bring about a peaceful resolution to the conflict? New negotiations offer hope like a quarter-drop of water splashed onto scorched and desiccated earth. How quickly such a drop can be absorbed as if it never was, and ground into the dust by the overwhelming forces of failure. Once, hope went beyond a drop: in 1993, the Oslo Accords were a shining symbol of progress. After years of despair and death, it has become synonymous with failure for many. Yet it is the only model for agreements actually…

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  • Tragedy, farce and denial in Kiryat Malachi

    The three Israelis killed on Thursday were innocent - but the State of Israel is not.   Where is the house that got hit with the rocket, I asked the guy behind the counter of a snack bar in Kiryat Malachi on Thursday. Go to the third traffic circle and make a left, he said.  I got to the street, parked my car and started walking toward the satellite dishes, TV truck and the crowd. It's a poor neighborhood on the edge of a poor town, across the street from open fields. The buildings are old, shabby tenements with dirt…

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  • Two-state think tank appoints one-state CEO (UPDATED)

    Promising to promote 'new thinking,' Dan Goldenblatt, the founder of a one-state Israeli group, was made the new co-CEO of IPCRI. Israel Palestine Center for Research and Information, a think tank formed in 1988 by veteran peace activist Gershon Baskin, has recently appointed Att. Dan Goldenblatt as the new Israeli co-CEO of the organization, alongside Riman Barakat, his Palestinian counterpart. Interestingly enough, Goldenblatt, a former political adviser to MK Dr. Roman Bronfman, is one of the founders of Eretz Yoshveha, a group advocating a one-state solution to the conflict, consisting of left-wing Israeli academics and activists, Palestinian citizens of Israel and…

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  • Rick’s Weekly Wrap: The Schalit Psychosis

    Welcome to the Weekend Holyland Wrap, where unlike the rest of the country (where it's all Schalit, all the time - and everything else be damned) we actually care about other stuff as well. Please take your anti-nausea pills, as some seriously repugnant individuals are soon to be back in circulation. The Schalit festival is of course in full effect, with the media camped outside of his parents' Mitzpe Hilla, groupies doing pilgrimage and polluting the family's front yard with soft drink cans and cigarette butts. The media has well and truly gone off the reservation on this one. After…

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