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  • Is an anti-occupation revolt brewing in the British Jewish establishment?

    Leader in top communal organization announces he is leaving post to speak out freely against Israeli policies -- and gets standing ovation from membership. For many years I have felt that the only way to end the occupation is through outside pressure because Israel is just scorched earth politically, and will never do it on its own. On that basis, the announcement last week by a prominent figure in the British Jewish establishment, and the reaction to it by his colleagues, was a more hopeful sign than anything that’s happened in the current Israeli campaign or is about to happen…

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  • First do no harm, J Street

    With nothing left to offer except hollow pep talks about the peace process, the liberal lobby is fighting BDS – together with the pro-Netanyahu, pro-occupation American Zionist right. Next stop: the Presbyterian Church USA's General Assembly. What is J Street doing? Why is it acting in concert with right-wing Zionist organizations like AIPAC and StandWithUs in fighting against boycott, sanctions and divestment, while offering no alternative of its own for ending the occupation? Because the truth is that J Street offers no alternative anymore; now that the Kerry talks have failed, and all the secretary of state has to show…

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  • What is NGO Monitor’s connection to the Israeli government?

    The spearhead of the battle against Israeli human rights organizations, NGO Monitor, is run by a man who, at least for a period of time since its founding, was closely affiliated with the Prime Minister’s Office. On another front, the government is now targeting human rights NGOs' tax status. By Yossi Gurvitz and Noam Rotem Hello, I have the honor of representing NGO Monitor, and I think that I will be the first speaker to talk from a point of view that is neither governmental nor quasi-governmental, but rather from, what is called: civil society. -- Gerald Steinberg speaking at…

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  • NGO Monitor steps up the absurdity of its attacks

    A lie travels around the world while the truth looks for a Wi-Fi connection. Sometimes, it finds it. This blog's favorite fibber organization, NGO Monitor - you may remember them from such classic favorites as distributing Hasbara lies about the UN Human Rights Commission, using a Trojan horse inside Wikipedia, as well as just stupid negligence - pounced on the tunnel that was found this week near Ein Hashlosha. The organization quickly took to twitter, saying "So, #Hamas terror tunnel was built w/concrete from #Israel, sent b/c of UN & NGO pressure. Thanks @Gisha_Access". Lies have the speed advantage: in a…

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  • EU throws out NGO Monitor case, tells Gerald Steinberg to pick up the tab

    NGO Monitor and its director went all the way to Luxembourg to sue the EU for lack of transparency concerning the funds its gives NGOs in Israel and Palestine. Last month, the EU Court of Justice threw the case out saying the action was "manifestly lacking any foundation in law" About three years ago, those lovely people over at NGO Monitor filed a suit in Luxembourg against the European Union to force the EU to release details of its funding of NGOs. NGO Monitor pulled out all the stops - hiring a top law firm, calling a press conference to…

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  • The slandering of Gaza flotilla activist Greta Berlin

    A lie of omission is as good a lie as any other.  It's amazing how blatantly, how shamelessly a Jewish Agency official named Avi Mayer, the Jewish Telegraphic Agency, the Jerusalem Post, Canada's National Post and I don't know how many other "pro-Israel" entities have slandered Greta Berlin, a prominent spokeswoman of the Free Gaza Movement, as an advocate of the worst, sickest kind of anti-Semitism. They've deliberately left out Berlin's explanation for a tweet she sent out a few days ago, and without her explanation, one is indeed left to conclude that she's a crazed Jew-hater. A lot of people,…

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  • NGO Monitor coins anti-Semitic slur: 'Jew-washing'

    The right-wing watchdog group thinks that leftwing Jewish groups are not allowed to join coalitions with non-Jewish groups that criticize Israel's existence as a Jewish state, or allowed to take certain actions against Israeli policies because they are Jewish. This is a direct targeting of leftwing Jews as Jews. By Jeremiah Haber It's perfectly kosher for a rightwing Jewish organization like NGO Monitor to disagree vigorously with a leftwing organization like Jewish Voice for Peace. But in a recent op-ed in the New York Jewish Week,  Yiktzak Santis and Gerald Steinberg use the trademark tools of their organization --lies, half-truths, and insinuations -- to smear an organization…

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  • Right-wing group, Jerusalem Post launch public attack on +972

    NGO Monitor tries to silence us by going after our donors. Supporting +972 is the best response!  By Noam Sheizaf   Dear Readers, +972 Magazine is at the center of a negative piece published today in the Jerusalem Post. According to the piece, a right-wing watchdog group called NGO Monitor has launched a public attack on the German Heinrich Böll Foundation for supporting the site with a grant of 6,000 euros, received last year. In recent years, NGO Monitor has systematically targeted human right organizations, academics and progressive groups in Israel. A recent piece in Haaretz reported that right-wing groups…

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  • Free speech, Caroline's glitch, and other Jerusalem Post ditties

    +972 is hosting today an op-ed written by B'Tselem chief Jessica Montell, in response to particularly insidious accusations levelled at the organisation by The Jerusalem Post star columnist, Caroline Glick. Montell's op-ed doesn't mince words - she calls Glick "a hack journalist who parrots any drivel" - but neither, to be fair, did Glick. Among other things, Glick claimed that a Palestinian shepherd whose complaint of a settler attack was monitored by B'Tselem "admitted he made the attack up", a claim the shepherd has since consistently denied. She also accused B'Tselem of forging a video documenting a settler attack on Palestinians:…

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  • Images from a weekend in the Negev

    By Hagai El-Ad After the events of last week (and for an idea of how stressful it was, just read the news items posted last week on +972 Magazine...), I really needed a weekend off. I spent it hiking around and in the Timna Valley, in Israel's south. There was no cellular reception, no MK Faina Kirshenbaum. This is what such a break looks like. I really love this place. Below are some photos I took over the weekend. Editor's note: Please scroll all the way to the bottom to read the continuation of this post. Some of these were…

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  • Scrutinizing the Guardians of Zion, Part II (Louis Frankenthaler)

    The following is the second part of a two-part essay. Click here to read part one. Scrutinizing the Monitor This essay is a response to the granddaddy of the GOZ’s Professor Gerald Steinberg (head of NGO Monitor and a professor of conflict resolution) who, in his recent Jerusalem Post article, "NGO transparency will protect democracy", August 19, 2010 continues to perfect his thesis that Israeli human rights NGOs are engaged in an unfair attack on an innocent and righteous Israel that must be thwarted by any means that the GOZ community deems appropriate.  Professor Steinberg leads this charge and is…

  • Scrutinizing the Guardians of Zion, Part I (Louis Frankenthaler)

    The following is part one of a two-part essay that attempts to address a rather lengthy problem.  It is characterized by a cadre of culturally and politically orthodox self anointed monitors and guardians of Israel’s "Zionist virtue". These Guardians Of Zion, (GOZs to be terse) have found it necessary to degrade democratic discourse, to debase civil society and to defile the public sphere with a distinctly uncivil, monist and monologically hegemonic non-dialogue, which not only delineates the boundaries of accepted speech, action and thought but also attempts to set out rewards and punishments for those who abide by these limits…

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