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George Soros

  • The GOP has mainstreamed white nationalist anti-Semitism

    One year on from the Pittsburgh shooting, it's clear that the Trump administration and the GOP, along with their media boosters, have helped create the climate for lethal white nationalist anti-Semitism to thrive. By Ben Lorber One year ago last Sunday, a white nationalist committed the deadliest attack against Jews in American history, killing 11 worshippers at the Tree of Life synagogue in Pittsburgh. [tmwinpost] As for many American Jews, that day will remain etched in my memory forever — a mixture of disbelief, shock, fear, and grief. The identity of the shooter, however, was not a surprise: a white…

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  • I wish we could mourn Pittsburgh as one Jewish people — but we can't

    I keep hoping that our Jewish leaders will take one moment to do what they say they are here to do: defend Jewish lives when we are under attack. But they haven’t. By Simone Zimmerman I want to mourn with my people. [tmwinpost] I want to mourn with all of my beloved Jewish people in Pittsburgh and around the world who are reeling from the sight of 11 Jews gunned down during Shabbat morning services. Eleven Jews who were beloved grandparents, friends, siblings, community members. The ones who always showed up to synagogue on time, and who lost their lives…

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  • Tapping the 'hidden spring' of anti-Semitism in Orban's Hungary

    BUDAPEST, Hungary — In Hungarian, there is an expression that anti-Semitism is like a hidden spring, often imperceptible yet omnipresent, a source that can be tapped by demagogues, polemicists, and politicians. It is a dangerous source, Adam Schönberger explains, for when it is tapped, it can cause a flood. Schönberger is a veteran Hungarian activist and co-founder of Aurora, a café and community center operated by Marom, a Jewish youth-group that he also directs. When we meet there on a Monday evening in late August, Aurora, located in Budapest’s Eighth District, is buzzing. Opposition activists type away on laptops in…

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  • Netanyahu's son just published an anti-Semitic cartoon on Facebook

    Yair Netanyahu, who reportedly is behind much of his father's social media stunts, publishes a cartoon portraying George Soros as the All-Powerful Jew who controls the world.  Yair Netanyahu, son of the prime minister, outdid even his father on Saturday when he published an anti-Semitic cartoon on his personal Facebook page. The cartoon shows Manny Naftali, the former superintendent of the Prime Minister's Residence, who is at the forefront of the struggle to put pressure on the police to indict Netanyahu for corruption, being baited by Israeli politico Eldad Yaniv, who is seen baited by former Prime Minister Ehud Barak. Barak…

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  • Soros, Bannon, and the anti-Semitism of Israel's prime minister

    Instead of defending George Soros from Hungary's anti-Semitism, he has taken a page out of the alt-right playbook. His bottom line? Some Jews just aren't worth protecting. Benjamin Netanyahu is the self-appointed protector of world Jewry. And as such, he views his role not only as prime minister of Israel, but as the spokesperson for Jews across the world. On Saturday, Netanyahu played that role when the Israeli government called on the Hungarian government to halt an ad campaign against Hungarian-born Jewish-American financier George Soros, claiming it was fueling anti-Semitism across the country. Just a day later, however, Netanyahu ordered the Foreign Ministry to…

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