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Gaza violence

  • Israel’s High Court just made an ICC investigation more likely

    The court’s rejection of a lawsuit challenging the shooting of protesters in Gaza is a reminder that the Israeli legal system simply isn’t set up to investigate the policy makers and policies that result in alleged war crimes.  Israel’s High Court of Justice may have just inadvertently increased the possibility that senior Israeli officials might themselves show up on the docket of the International Criminal Court one day. [tmwinpost] Last Thursday night, the court rejected a legal challenge that sought to strike down the Israeli army’s policy of shooting unarmed protesters in the Gaza Strip. Six Israeli and Palestinian human…

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  • The British Jewish community won't silence our solidarity with Gaza

    Young British Jews are facing a torrent of hatred from their own community for expressing solidarity with Gaza. And yet, more British Jews are struggling to see the values they hold reflected in the Israeli government. By Rob Abrams A group of mostly young British Jews took a large step forward in shifting the British Jewish community’s debate on Israel and the occupation this past week. Around 50 British Jews, shocked by the scale of death in Gaza, after Israeli snipers shot dead 60 Palestinians in a single day, gathered in Parliament Square in central London to name the dead…

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  • Gaza's protest leaders still believe in nonviolent struggle

    Despite the bloodletting in Gaza over the past months, the leaders of the Great Return March believe that nonviolent resistance is still the best way to end the siege. Rami Younis spoke to Hasan al-Kurd, one of the leaders of the march about the successes, mistakes, and future of the movement.  While everyone this past week focused on Israeli police officers breaking the leg of Jafar Farah, a prominent Palestinian political activist from Haifa, I could not help but think of someone else’s leg — that of Hasan al-Kurd’s brother-in-law, in Gaza. [tmwinpost] Two months ago, during the first Friday protest of the Great…

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  • WATCH: Israel's Eurovision winner gets anti-occupation makeover

    A new video parodying Netta Barzilai's 'Toy,' which won this year's Eurovision contest, criticizes Israelis for celebrating in Tel Aviv as Palestinians just an hour away are being killed by IDF snipers. Last week three major events occurred in Israel and Palestine. Israel gunned down 60 demonstrators in Gaza as the new U.S. Embassy in Jerusalem was inaugurated, while tens of thousands of Israelis packed into Tel Aviv's Rabin Square to celebrate singer Netta Barzilai's victory at the Eurovision Song Contest. Barzilai had just returned from Lisbon, where she won the annual song competition with her song "Toy," a pop take down of macho culture, replete…

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  • How do Israeli journalists report on a place they can't reach?

    For the past 11 years, Israeli journalists have been forbidden from entering Gaza. This has affected not only their reporting, but also the way fellow Israelis understand what is happening there. By Oren Ziv / The main obstacle that faces anyone who wants to report on what is happening at Gaza protests from the Israeli side of the border is that one can hear the gunfire, see the smoke, report on the army’s conduct, and estimate the number of protesters — and yet, you cannot get the full story. A journalist from East Jerusalem who often covers the goings on…

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  • 'Open up or we'll tase you': Police arrest activists protesting Gaza violence

    In the northern city of Haifa, Israeli police are arresting activists who are organizing demonstrations against the violence in Gaza. Israeli police arrested and interrogated a number of Palestinian and Jewish political activists from the northern city of Haifa over the past several days, due to their participation in demonstrations following the killing of over 60 protesters in Gaza this past week. Among those arrested were General Secretary of Hadash's Haifa chapter, Raja Zaatry, and Yoav Bar, an activist with the Abnaa al-Balad movement, who was arrested twice. [tmwinpost] Iris Bar, a political activist and Yoav’s partner, describes what happened:…

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  • Across Israel, hundreds protest Gaza violence

    From Tel Aviv and Jerusalem to Umm al-Fahm, Israelis and Palestinians take to the streets to protest the killing of 60 demonstrators in Gaza a day earlier. Thousands of Palestinians and Israelis across the country protested Tuesday against the Israeli army killing of 60 demonstrators in Gaza the day before. Some of the protests were also in commemoration of Nakba Day. [tmwinpost] In Tel Aviv, 300 Israelis and Palestinians demonstrated outside the Likud Party headquarters in the city, holding signs and chanting slogans against the violence. “It is unthinkable that while people are drinking champagne in Jerusalem, others are dying…

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  • Israeli army opens fire on Gaza protesters sixth week in a row

    Dozens of Palestinians evacuated to Gaza hospitals after Israeli snipers open fire on the Great Return March for the sixth week in a row.  By +972 Magazine Staff Israeli forces opened fire on Palestinian protesters Friday for the sixth consecutive week on the border with Gaza. Part of the 45-day Great Return March, which began on March 30, the demonstrations are set to culminate on May 15, Nakba Day. [tmwinpost] Over 7,000 Palestinians took part in Friday's demonstrations in five different locations along the Gaza-Israel border. According to Gaza's Health Ministry, over 43 protesters were wounded, including three critically, in the clashes with…

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  • Netanyahu just made the best case for the Iran nuclear deal

    Intent on killing the Iran nuclear deal, Netanyahu and Trump have dispensed with logic and are relying on emotion, confusion, and fear to try to achieve their objective.  By Paul R. Pillar Benjamin Netanyahu’s display of a cartoon bomb before the United Nations General Assembly nearly six years ago received much ridicule but at least was grounded in some facts about uranium enrichment levels and how they relate to the ability to make a nuclear weapon. These days, Netanyahu doesn’t reprise that part of his General Assembly speech, and it’s not because of the ridicule. It is because the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action…

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  • Debunking the myth: White House envoy Jason Greenblatt is no moderate

    Long hailed as the 'moderate' voice among Trump's envoys to the Middle East, Jason Greenblatt's blanket support for the Israeli government has disqualified him from playing any meaningful role as a fair arbitrator. By Aaron Magid A growing understanding has emerged that amidst the hardline statements of U.S. Ambassador to Israel David Friedman, there is still a responsible adult working on the Middle East file: White House envoy Jason Greenblatt. [tmwinpost] Following the U.S. recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital last year, a prominent Jewish publication profiled Greenblatt late last year noting that Trump’s Middle East envoy is “beating expectations,” while media reports…

  • Dozens of American Jews arrested protesting Gaza violence

    From Boston to San Francisco, young activists from IfNotNow demonstrate outside the offices of prominent Jewish institutions and senators, demanding they condemn Israel's violence against Gaza protesters. Thirty-seven American Jews were arrested across the United States last week in a series of actions outside the offices of major Jewish institutions and elected officials to protest the ongoing violence against Palestinians at the Israel-Gaza border. [tmwinpost] The actions, organized by the Jewish-American group IfNotNow, took place in Boston, New York, Twin Cities, Los Angeles, and San Francisco, and Washington DC, where young Jews demanded statements condemning Israeli violence against the unarmed protesters taking part in the "Great…

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