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Gaza unemployment

  • How Israel's blockade exacerbates violence against women in Gaza

    Women in Gaza deal with patriarchal gender norms and intra-Palestinian political divides, but addressing their needs cannot be realized without Israel lifting its blockade. By Anwar Mhajne Violence during military operations affects both men and women, but women often face a unique set of challenges. For Palestinian women in Gaza in particular, the interaction between patriarchy, the intra-Palestinian political divide, and Israel’s blockade, exacerbates the violence they face. [tmwinpost] Internal political divisions hinder the establishment of effective institutional response mechanisms across the occupied Palestinian territories. Patriarchal gender norms and traditions contribute to the proliferation and acceptance of violence against women and…

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  • Humanitarian aid to Palestinians ‘at an all-time low,’ UN warns

    The funding crisis is particularly devastating in the Gaza Strip, where humanitarian officials say basic services such as education, health, and food security have been reduced to a minimum. By Fidaa Shurrab Funding for humanitarian activities in the occupied Palestinian territories is “at an all-time low,” according to a UN agency responsible for humanitarian affairs in the West Bank and Gaza. [tmwinpost] According to a report published this month by the Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA), as of a few weeks ago only $159 million of a requested $539.7 million had been secured for the 2018 Humanitarian Response…

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  • Could solar energy solve the Gaza electricity crisis?

    The Gaza Strip has been suffering from a severe electricity crisis for years. Now, solar energy is on the rise as a more reliable alternative, one that may afford Gazans a degree of independence from Israel. By Ibrahim Abdelhadi Two years ago, when the lights went out along Gaza’s shore, the Hindi family lit up some candles in their home. What ensued was a tragedy: their house burned down, and they lost three of their children in the fire. Unfortunately, these incidents are not uncommon in Gaza. [tmwinpost] The Gaza Strip, home to 2 million Palestinians, has been suffering from a severe electricity…

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  • 'Gazans need to be able to breathe and feel hope for the future'

    It's impossible to know just how much Israel will loosen its restrictions on goods and movement of people in Gaza as it negotiates with Hamas. What's clear is that a new approach is needed.  Israel and Hamas are in the advanced stages of negotiations over a ceasefire, according to numerous media reports, that, in exchange for an end to the flaming kites that have set alight hundreds of acres of Israeli farmland, would increase the flow of goods in and out of the Gaza Strip. [tmwinpost] It’s difficult to know to what degree Israel will agree loosen the restrictions on goods and…

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  • For many Gazans, the sea is the only escape from the siege

    By Amjad Yaghi GAZA CITY — At around sunset, the main road along Gaza’s seaside promenade, the Corniche, grows crowded with people, cars, and street vendors. Families sit on plastic chairs from home, children run and play, and young men gather to share and cast away their worries. And there are the vendors, trying to make ends meet. [tmwinpost] This is where people go to escape. It is summer, and the people of Gaza are fleeing the heat and the darkness of their houses, otherwise inescapable due to the dire electricity crisis. On the beach they can find light and…

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  • Prolonging Gaza's suffering isn’t only unwise, it’s just plain wrong

    Israeli policymakers recognize that they control the situation in Gaza. If their sense of moral obligation doesn't compel them to correct it, at the very least their interests should. By Tania Hary Israelis woke up on Wednesday to headlines about renewed talks, or rather arguments, about a possible seaport in Gaza. Just hours before, the head of the Israeli army’s Military Intelligence declared that Israel’s security is jeopardized by the misery taking place in Gaza. [tmwinpost] A din of statements – from senior analysts like Alex Fishman in Ynet to Minister of Defense Moshe Ya’alon – all echo the same common-sense conclusion:…

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