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Gaza Strip

  • IDF refuses to say what it's doing to avoid killing more journalists

    Israeli snipers have killed two Palestinian journalists and shot at least 20 others in Gaza in recent months. What happened to the soldiers responsible? What is the IDF doing to make sure it doesn't happen again? The army refuses to say. Nearly two months after Israeli army snipers shot and killed two Palestinian journalists while they were reporting inside the Gaza Strip, the military is refusing to answer any questions about whether the responsible soldiers and commanders are being held accountable in any way. [tmwinpost] Over the past two weeks, +972 Magazine has contacted the IDF Spokesperson’s Office five times with the…

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  • How Gaza's Return March can elevate the one-state movement

    The Great Return March has the potential to lend its momentum to grassroots and popular struggles beyond Gaza's fence, in the West Bank, Jerusalem, and inside Israel. By Awad Abdel Fattah It is still premature to predict the fate of the Great March of Return, which is the brainchild of primarily young activists who managed, with great success, to involve the entire political spectrum in the Gaza Strip in an unarmed civil resistance. The march is being viewed by many as a remarkable and exceptional development that, if sustained, could open a new horizon politically and strategically for the Palestinians…

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  • What does the IDF have to hide about the Gaza killings?

    The Israeli army is claiming that at least 12 of the 60 Palestinians it killed in Gaza on Monday were attacking soldiers when they were shot, but it refuses to answer why it killed the other 48. (Updated below.) Israeli soldiers killed 60 Palestinian protesters on Monday in Gaza's bloodiest day since the 2014 war. Over the course of the last month and half, the IDF killed an additional 49 Palestinian protesters in Gaza, and wounded thousands more with live fire. In late march, just hours after Israeli snipers killed 17 protesters on the first day of the Gaza Return…

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  • 68 Gazans have died while Israel's High Court deliberates if it's legal to kill them

    The High Court has refrained from ruling on an urgent petition about whether it is legal for the army to shoot unarmed, civilian protesters who pose no threat to human life. They have the blood of 68 people on their hands. The Israeli army has shot and killed 68 unarmed Palestinian protesters in Gaza while the Israeli High Court deliberates whether or not it is legal to shoot unarmed civilian protesters who pose no threat to human life. That number has likely gone up in the time since this article was published. [tmwinpost] When a handful of human rights groups…

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  • ‘We’re dying slowly in Gaza, it’s better to die along the fence trying to be free’

    In the days leading up to the culmination of the Great Return March, in which organizers expect masses to breach the Gaza border fence, we speak with three Gazans about what the protests have accomplished, what hope they carry, and where they have disappointed. By Meron Rapoport The organizers of the Great March of Return say they expect protesters will attempt to reach or breach the border fence with Israel during protests marking the moving of the U.S. Embassy and Nakba Day on Monday. Not everyone in Gaza supports the march, especially because it has yet win any tangible gains,…

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  • You're far more likely to be killed protesting in Gaza than firing a rocket

    Not a single rocket has been fired into Israel from Gaza in over two months, yet since March 30 Israel has killed more Palestinians in Gaza than it did in the previous 16 months, during which time militants launched over 60 rockets and mortars. The Israeli army’s response to unarmed protests in the Gaza Strip over the last few weeks has been vastly deadlier than its response to rockets fired from the besieged territory over the past year and a half. Israeli military forces have killed more unarmed Palestinians participating in the Great Return March protests in Gaza since March 30, during which…

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  • Gaza's Generation Y

    What does life look like for the youth of Gaza? What do they laugh about? Sing and write about? What do they dream of? Four young Palestinians from Gaza try and give an Israeli reporter a taste of what it means to walk in their shoes.

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  • Palestinians in Gaza are reminding us that they exist

    Reality is stronger than any propaganda campaign. It will ultimately break through and penetrate public awareness. By Hagai El-Ad Two million people live in the Gaza Strip. That’s a statement of fact, not opinion. Two million people live like prisoners in a prison built by Israel, and it seems that Israel’s sole vision for their future is to keep them jailed there forever. What happens when the prisoners stage a protest? We’ll just shoot them from the other side of the fence. And if the gunfire looks bad on TV? We’ll send in the prime minister’s advisers in fancy suits…

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  • A state-sponsored mass shooting

    On a day when military snipers shot hundreds of unarmed demonstrators, the army declares that 'the circumstances in which journalists were wounded are unknown.' The circumstances couldn't be clearer. Israeli army sharpshooters and snipers have shot over 1,000 unarmed Palestinian protesters inside the Gaza Strip in the past week, killing more than 30 people. This past Friday, at least six Palestinian journalists were reportedly among those shot at the Great Return March. One of them, Yasser Murtaja, a photographer for “Ain Media” who was reportedly wearing a helmet and vest clearly marked “PRESS” when he was shot, later died of…

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  • Brutality is the only answer Israel has to Gaza's civil disobedience

    It is impossible to know what will happen along the border with Gaza in the coming weeks. But one thing is certain: Israel will continue to respond with brutality and arrogance in the face of Palestinian nonviolent civil disobedience. By Aviv Tatarsky Anyone who wants to understand where Israel is heading in Gaza ought to think about Prime Minister Netanyahu’s recent behavior regarding African asylum seekers. Even better: let’s go back to when the Israeli government decided to place metal detectors at the entrance to the Temple Mount/Haram al-Sharif last summer. [tmwinpost] Despite the differences, these three struggles have a single…

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  • Medical care for children in Gaza headed for the dark ages

    What ails the Gaza Strip is not an incurable disease. We know the antidote that could immediately begin rebuilding the structural determinants of children’s right to life and health. By Priscilla Wathington Children in the Gaza Strip today are more likely to develop health problems than ever before but less likely to access medical care. And as the need surges, Israel is granting a diminishing percentage of Palestinians permission to exit Gaza for medical treatment. [tmwinpost] Imagine you are a parent in the Gaza Strip and your child falls ill, seriously and unexpectedly. That is, assuming your child makes it through…

  • How Israel is predetermining a violent outcome for Gaza return march

    Security officials have launched a public campaign painting the 'Great Return March' as a violent, Hamas-sponsored event. Israel has never needed excuses to violently suppress Palestinian protests, which makes this a priori justification of violence all the more worrying. Israel’s senior-most defense policy official once famously told American diplomats that “we don’t do Gandhi very well.” Israeli security forces, Defense Ministry policy chief Amos Gilad was explaining, don’t really have the means or patience to suppress mass, nonviolent Palestinian protests without employing disproportionate violence themselves — nor are they willing to allow such protests to occur without being suppressed. [tmwinpost]…

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