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Gaza protests

  • British Jews are speaking out on Israel. Will the progressive community have our back?

    We expected attacks on anti-occupation voices by Britain's Jewish communal leaders. Now our progressive Jewish institutions are turning their backs on us when we need them most. By Emily Hilton In May of this year, a group of U.K.-based Jewish anti-occupation activists held a demonstration in London’s Parliament Square, where we recited the kaddish, the Jewish mourner’s prayer, for the Palestinians who have been killed by the IDF during the Great Return March. The views on Israel and Zionism amongst the participants were diverse, but one thing unified all of us: we care about what being done in the name of Judaism, and…

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  • The road to nuclear disarmament runs through Israel-Palestine

    By fully backing the Israeli side, the Trump administration is not only making reconciliation with the Palestinians impossible, it is delaying the nuclear disarmament of the entire Middle East. By Paul R. Pillar The significance of the unresolved Israeli-Palestinian conflict has long been the subject of tendentious argumentation. The right-wing government of Israel, not wanting to relinquish the conquered land whose relinquishment would be necessary for peace, often contends, along with its sympathizers, that peace in that conflict doesn’t really matter much anymore. The region has become preoccupied with other things, goes the argument, and even most Arabs care less…

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  • Why are they storming the fence, and what can we do about it?

    End the siege, negotiate with Hamas, tolerate unarmed demonstrations. There are many other ways Israel can deal with the reality in Gaza. Over the past few days, I have spoken to a number of Israelis on both the right and the left who have some serious, fundamental questions about what is happening in Gaza. This article is meant to try and answer some of those questions. What do you want us to do? First of all, end the siege. The protests and killing in Gaza did not start yesterday, and they won’t end tomorrow. People there live in the world’s…

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  • Why the Jerusalem embassy opening was a fitting way to mark the Nakba

    Both the U.S. and Israeli governments are run by racist demagogues who simultaneously deny an occupation exists while doing all they can to perpetuate it.  Jerusalem Mayor Nir Barkat believes that East Jerusalem Palestinians are “satisfied” with the move of the U.S. Embassy to their city. Speaking to Israeli news website Ynet on Sunday, as the Israeli side of Jerusalem was preparing for a mass celebration in honor of the transfer, Barkat suggested that deep down, Palestinians understood that having the embassy on their doorstep would improve their quality of life. Barkat’s reasoning is, on the one hand, simply a variation on the racist idea that…

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  • Israeli army shoots dead dozens in Gaza's bloodiest day since 2014

    Israeli military kills 58 Palestinians and wounds over 2,700 others in Gaza. Palestinians and Israelis across the West Bank protest in solidarity with Gaza and against the U.S. embassy move to Jerusalem. By +972 Magazine Staff At time of publication, 58 Palestinians had been killed and 2,771 wounded by Israeli military forces during demonstrations on the border with Gaza on Monday, according to the Gaza Health Ministry. This was the single bloodiest day in Gaza since the 2014 war. [tmwinpost] The violence took place at the culmination of the "Great Return March," a 45-day protest in which tens of thousands of Palestinians…

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  • Palestinian refugees are demanding to be heard. Will we listen?

    70 years later, Palestinian refugees are no longer waiting for peace talks to determine their fate. In Gaza, they are actively reclaiming their place at the table. On a warm spring day in late April 1956, Moshe Dayan, then the IDF chief of staff and Israel's eminent war hero, delivered an address that would become a central part of Israel's national ethos. Dayan had arrived at Kibbutz Nahal Oz to eulogize Roi Rotberg, a kibbutz security guard who was ambushed by an Egyptian police officer and a Palestinian farmer, and then abducted into the Gaza Strip where he was brutally murdered. The chief of staff…

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  • Israeli army opens fire on Gaza protesters sixth week in a row

    Dozens of Palestinians evacuated to Gaza hospitals after Israeli snipers open fire on the Great Return March for the sixth week in a row.  By +972 Magazine Staff Israeli forces opened fire on Palestinian protesters Friday for the sixth consecutive week on the border with Gaza. Part of the 45-day Great Return March, which began on March 30, the demonstrations are set to culminate on May 15, Nakba Day. [tmwinpost] Over 7,000 Palestinians took part in Friday's demonstrations in five different locations along the Gaza-Israel border. According to Gaza's Health Ministry, over 43 protesters were wounded, including three critically, in the clashes with…

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  • Second Palestinian journalist dies of wounds from IDF sniper fire

    Ahmed Abu Hussein was shot by Israeli snipers during a protest near the Gaza-Israel border two weeks ago. He was standing at a distance from the fence and was wearing a PRESS jacket. Ahmed Abu Hussein, a Palestinian journalist based in Gaza who was shot by Israeli soldiers two weeks ago, died of his wounds on Wednesday at Tel Hashomer Hospital in central Israel. Abu Hussein is the second Gazan journalist to be killed by IDF snipers over the past month, and one of 40 Palestinians killed during the Great Return March protests. [tmwinpost] On Friday April 13, Abu Hussein,…


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