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Gaza farmers

  • PHOTOS: Life and death in Gaza's border zone

    The fatal shooting of Ibrahim Mansour near the Gaza border is only the latest incident in what B'Tselem describes as the Israeli military's 'ongoing, illegal policy of using lethal firearms against civilians without justification.' Text and photos by: Ryan Rodrick Beiler/ Ibrahim Mansour was collecting gravel near the Gaza Strip’s eastern border with Israel when he was shot in the head and killed by the Israeli military on Thursday, February 13. One of Mansour’s two companions was injured in the shooting. Both survivors say that no warning was given before they were fired upon. Mansour's killing follows a pattern by…

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  • Israel overstates Gaza exports to Europe, won't budge on West Bank ban

    The Coordinator of Government Activities in the Territories (COGAT), which regulates the movement of goods into and out of the Gaza Strip, flaunts having allowed limited export of goods from Gaza to Europe. While there is certainly value in the move, Gaza's economy would be far better served were the ban on similar exports to the West Bank lifted.  By Gisha So what exactly are “dolavim?” A type of crate. (In its translation from Hebrew to English, the Coordinator of Government Activities in the Territories, or COGAT, inexplicably referred to the containers or crates as “plane trees.” Huh?) Has Gaza started exporting crates?…

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