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  • Same apartheid drama, on a new stage

    The Jenin Freedom Theatre wraps its tour of Athol Fugard's 'The Island' in New York City, bringing Palestinian cultural resistance and prisoner experiences to U.S. audiences.  NEW YORK -- You would think the words “Israel,” “Palestine” and “occupation” would have to be spoken during a theatrical production tackling the Palestinian political prisoner experience. Not so in the Jenin Freedom Theatre’s adaption of South African playwright Athol Fugard’s “The Island,” which just concluded a four-state U.S. tour, the first Freedom Theatre production performed in English to tour abroad. The reason: the Palestinian experience in Israeli prisons parallels that of black South African prisoners…

  • Jenin’s Freedom Theatre premieres Waiting for Godot

    Ramallah--During the first act of Samuel Beckett’s 1952 tragicomedy Waiting for Godot, one of the play’s protagonists, Estragon, turns to the other, Vladimir, and blankly notes to the audience, “Nothing to be done.”  Vladimir returns, “I’m beginning to come round to the opinion.” Jenin’s Freedom Theatre Company, whose spirited performance of Beckett’s seminal work opened this weekend at Ramallah’s National Theatre, has been anything but resigned to giving up on a theatre project which has garnered a boast of international attention since the murder of its creative director Juliano Mer Khamis last April. One can't think of a better suited…

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  • Jenin's Freedom Theater raided by the Israeli army

    Overnight, roughly 50 Israeli Special Forces troops raided the Jenin Freedom Theatre in the Jenin Refugee Camp in the Northern West Bank according to members of the theater. The Freedom Theater is often associated with slain Palestinian-Jewish actor Juliano Mer Khamis and his vision of cultural resistance to Israeli occupation. Mer Khamis was shot by unknown gunman outside of the theatre last spring. According to the press release of the Freedom Theater regarding the raid, Ahmad Nasser Matahen, a night guard and technician student at the theatre woke up by heavy blocks of stone being hurled at the entrance of the theatre. As he opened…

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