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  • From Jerusalem Day clashes to stone-throwing settlers: A week in photos - May 2-8

    This week: Palestinians arrested as Israelis march (and bicycle) to Jerusalem, Israeli settlers and Palestinians throw stones, African immigrant women and children are released from prison, a graphic novel portray the popular struggle, shrink-wrapped animal rights activists ride through Tel Aviv, activists demand more Mizrahi Jews on their bills, and the Separation Wall continues to surround Al Walaja.                          

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  • PHOTOS: The story of Nabi Saleh, performed by 'The Freedom Theatre'

    Through the eyes of a Palestinian child, members of Jenin's Freedom Theatre perform the story of popular struggle in Nabi Saleh. Text and photos by Keren Manor/ On Saturday, May 4, 2013, members of “The Freedom Theatre” performed a play based on stories and testimonies from children of the West Bank village of Nabi Saleh. The play tells the story of the village's resistance, through the eyes of a young Palestinian child. The first show was performed in the village's cultural center. The performance was dedicated to Mustafa and Rushdi Tamimi, two Palestinians from Nabi Saleh who were shot to…

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  • Prisoner's death in Palestinian jail highlights violations, loss of legitimacy

    Protest against prisoner conditions in Israeli jails will not prevent anger and delegitimization of PA law enforcement system for its own violations. A Palestinian prisoner being held on charges connected to a stabbing died in a Palestinian Authority jail in Jericho on Friday, according to a Jerusalem Post and Ma’an News Agency. The articles report that the Palestinian attorney general ordered and launched an investigation into the death and an autopsy. Palestinian officials have said that Ayman Samarah, 40, was not tortured, but suffered from diabetes and high blood pressure and was taken to a hospital on Friday after being…

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  • The Freedom Bus: Taking resistance on tour in the West Bank

    In September, a troupe of performers from the West Bank and Israel held a nine-day tour throughout the West Bank, promoting cultural resistance and staging innovative performance styles in an attempt to unify disparate Palestinian realities. By Marta Fortunato Al-Hadidiya, Jordan Valley, 12 December 2012 – Samir is on the verge of tears while he watches the Freedom Theatre actors performing the story that he himself just finished sharing with his community members. “I was grazing my sheep when the Israeli army arrived. I was blindfolded, handcuffed and brought to a military camp,” Samir tells. “There, some soldiers set dogs on me.…

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  • Photo essay: Freedom Bus tour teaches cultural forms of resistance

    Text by Decca Muldowney The Freedom Bus, an initiative of Jenin's Freedom Theatre, uses interactive theatre and cultural activism to bear witness, raise awareness and build alliances throughout occupied Palestine and beyond. From September 23-October 1 2012, Palestinians and allies from around the world took part in a 9-day solidarity ride through 11 communities in the West Bank of occupied Palestine. During the ride, Palestinian actors and musicians used playback theatre to perform the personal accounts of various community members. Enactments were based on real-life stories on the realities of life under Israeli occupation. The stories we heard underscored the rich Palestinian history of…

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  • Freedom Theater's Zakaria Zubeidi on life-threatening ‘death fast’ in PA prison

    Zubeidi, a former fighter who famously laid down his arms in a 2007 amnesty agreement, has been detained by the Palestinian Authority since May. A hunger strike to protest his detention without charge is threatening his life. By Jenny Nyman Heard of Zakaria Zubeidi? Most people around here have, but perhaps not in the past four months. This is because Zakaria has spent this time detained by the Palestinian Authority in Jericho Prison with no charges pressed, no evidence presented against him in court, and surrounded by nothing but a deafening silence. Zakaria was arrested on May 13, as part of…

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  • Palestinians must protect freedom of expression

    The murder of Juliano Mer Khamis was a national tragedy for Palestinians that drew shock and outrage. However, it is imperative that we learn from this horrific event that the rights to freedom of art and expression must be protected and upheld at all costs. Since the beginning of the Palestinian struggle for freedom, artists have played a vital role in Palestinian society. Palestinian artists have helped create community for Palestinians in diaspora, and have drawn international attention to the Palestinian cause.  Palestinian artists have also inspired resistance at home, taking leadership roles in every Palestinian intifada. From Ibrahim Tokan…

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  • Activist, actor, director Juliano Mer Khamis assassinated in Jenin

    News just broke that Juliano Mer Khamis, who has established and run the Freedom Theater in Jenin, has been assassinated by  masked gunmen in the refugee camp near the theatre.  Mer Khamis, son of a Palestinian father and a Jewish mother, has faced threats since forever: From conservatives in the camp who took a strong dislike to the theatre's liberal repertoire and casting of both men and women, both boys and girls; from nationalists who saw him as an agent of the occupation, a promoter of normalization; and from just about every Israeli who commented on any news piece covering him…

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