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  • Jerusalem Post compares labeling settlement products to Nazism

    The paper’s correspondent in Berlin, known for his ties with radical right-wing groups, has done it again. In a couple of articles published last month, the widely-read Jerusalem Post compared the European Union's decision to label Israeli settlement products to nothing less than Nazism. A year ago, the European Union passed a decision to label Israeli goods produced in the occupied territories, differentiating them from products of Israel proper. The Union is objecting to Israel’s settlement policy, but nevertheless has many trade agreements and joint projects with Israel. (The EU is Israel's largest trade partner.) The decision to label products…

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  • Countering single-narrative academic tours of Israel

    A number of programs bring international professors to Israel, shaping the way they teach their students about the country and conflict. What's missing is a Palestinian narrative. But can any alternative program match the all-expenses-paid tours and luxurious accommodations offered by the hasbara-centric Israel programs? By Olga Gershenson In the last few years, a new discipline by the name of Israel Studies has emerged on the academy scene. The field, which includes politics, society, and culture of the State of Israel, is a rather new development which has resulted in an effort to train faculty in the field and to encourage…

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