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Firing Zone 918

  • Court to decide fate of Palestinian villages in 'Firing Zone 918'

    Hundreds of Palestinians in the south Hebron hills are living under the fear of imminent displacement because the Israeli army says it wants to conduct live-fire drills on their village lands. Israel's High Court of Justice on Wednesday will hear the case of eight Palestinian villages fighting looming demolition and displacement by the Israeli army in an area the military has designated a live-fire zone. [tmwinpost] The area in question, Firing Zone 918, has become a flashpoint in ongoing Israeli attempts to push smaller, rural Palestinian communities off their land across the West Bank in the past several decades. The…

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  • Most Israeli Jews think there's no occupation. So what is it?

    A recent poll finds that 72 percent of Jewish Israelis believe Israel's control over the Palestinian territories does not constitute occupation. So what do you call military rule over a captive population that didn't vote for the army to be there? Depending on who you speak to, the word "occupation" is either the most loaded or the most ignored term in Israel-Palestine. For some, it's a canard bandied about by traitorous leftists who want nothing more than to destroy the country by smearing it into oblivion; many believe that Israel cannot occupy territory that the bible says was promised by…

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  • WATCH: Living in the looming shadow of expulsion

    'Firing Zone 918' in the south Hebron hills is home to around 1,300 Palestinians, most of whom live in caves or shacks and make their living from agriculture and shepherding. Since 1999, the residents have been living under threat of demolition, dispossession, and eviction after the IDF has declared their land a fire zone. On Wednesday, residents of one village will head to the High Court of Justice to appeal the decision to expel them from their homes.

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  • IDF destroys 20 Palestinian structures in West Bank 'firing zone'

    The army exploits a break-down in a court-ordered mediation to demolish buildings in 'Firing Zone 918.' Israel has been trying to evict impoverished Palestinian communities from their lands for over 15 years — in order to save a few bucks on military trainings. Israeli military forces demolished over 20 structures in the Palestinian villages of Khirbet Jenbah and Hawala Tuesday morning. In the early afternoon, Israel’s Supreme Court issued an interim injunction until a hearing can be held next week. Some 1,000 Palestinians in eight villages live in what the Israeli army has declared 'Firing Zone 918' in the South…

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  • 'Performing in my stolen home': An open letter to Ehud Banai

    Nasser Nawajaah, a displaced Palestinian resident of the south Hebron Hills village of Susya, writes to an Israeli singer who is scheduled to perform in the settlement built on his family's stolen land. Several weeks ago a number of Israeli left-wing individuals and organizations launched a campaign to pressure Israeli singer Ehud Banai not to perform in the south Hebron Hills settlement of Susya. Alongside the campaign, Israeli organizations Rabbis for Human Rights, Breaking the Silence and Ta'ayush offered to take Banai on a tour of the area, including Palestinian Susya, a village that was forcibly evicted in order to…

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  • PHOTOS: Life before expulsion in the South Hebron Hills

    Monday, the Israeli High Court of Justice heard the case of eight Palestinian villages that the Israeli government plans to displace in favor of a live-fire military training area known as "Firing Zone 918". Some 1,000 people live in these villages in the South Hebron Hills, which include Jinba, Khirbet al Majaz, Khirbet at Taban, Khirbet a Safai, Khirbet al Fakheit, Khirbet al Halawah, Khirbet al Markez, and Khilet a Dabe’. The families living in these communities have eked out their existence on their barren and rocky hills for generations. For the past 14 years, this has meant living under…

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  • Israel's High Court sends South Hebron Hills evictions to mediation

    The High Court of Justice declines to make a ruling on the evictions of over 1,000 Palestinian villagers from what Israel calls 'Firing Zone 918.' Villagers' attorneys say referral to mediation process is a sign the court wasn't satisfied with the state's arguments. International writers sign petition against evictions. Israel's High Court of Justice referred to mediation a petition against the eviction of dozens of West Bank Palestinian families to make room for a military training area in the West Bank on Monday, pending the State's acquiescence to the suggestion. The courtroom was packed with representatives of the Palestinian villagers,…

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  • Israeli authors lend their names in effort to save Palestinian villages

    Ahead of High Court case, authors sign petition, tour south Hebron Hills villages in support of one thousand residents facing possible eviction. Twenty-four prominent Israeli writers recently signed a petition in support of Palestinians in danger of eviction from their homes in the South Hebron Hills. Next to Israeli activists, foreign journalists and Palestinian residents, four of the petition signers stood out on Tuesday as they toured three villages in Israel’s line of fire. “We cannot bring peace today. But the least we can do is to expose and condemn ‘small’ local outrages,” the petition, drafted by David Grossman, reads.…

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  • Israel demolishes two Palestinian homes in Area C

    As America celebrated the re-election of Barack Obama, it was business as usual in Israeli-controlled Area C of the West Bank. At least two Palestinian homes were demolished today. The residents' 'crime?' They didn't have building permits, which are issued by Israel and are next to impossible for Palestinians to obtain.  According to Operation Dove, an Italian organization that maintains an international presence in the South Hebron Hills, one home was destroyed in Ad Deirat, while another house and a water cistern were destroyed in Jawwaya. Both villages are located in Area C of the West Bank, where Palestinians are under increasing…

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  • Occupation, imprisonment of refugees defile Israeli identity

    Israeli-Jewish identity should be one that pursues justice for the collective and perseveres in the fight against oppression. Plans to destroy hundreds of homes or imprison thousands of refugees defile and contradict all that is good in that very identity. By Moriel Rothman Scenario One. Imagine: You wake up in a place that is not familiar. You are disoriented: this is not your home. And then, it floods over you like a wave: your home was destroyed. So was your brother's home. And your parents' home. And the place that you worked. And your children's school. And your entire village. And the…

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  • A week in photos: September 6-12

    Palestinian protests against the cost of living and PA leadership grew in size and intensity, as weekly demonstrations continued and threats of demolition and settler violence remain a fact of life under occupation. Israelis also took to the streets over media and social justice issues. Activestills images tell the stories of the week.

  • 1,500 Palestinians face expulsion to make way for IDF 'Firing Zone 918'

    "Firing Zone 918" is the Israeli military's term for a portion of land in the West Bank home to hundreds of Palestinians who have been there since the 19th century. Why are they under threat of eviction and how is it being done? A primer. By Eyal Raz "We must maintain “the necessary fitness of the IDF" This is the reason that the State of Israel has given for its recent order by Defense Minister Ehud Barak to destroy eight Palestinian villages and expel 1,500 residents from their land in the southern West Bank. “Firing Zone 918,” which the Israeli military…

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