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Filipino community

  • What does the future hold for non-Jews in the Jewish state?

    A new book about Israel's crusade against asylum seekers and undocumented workers strikes at an essential truth about the precarious status of non-Jews in a self-defined Jewish state. "The Unchosen: The Lives of Israel's New Others," Mya Guarnieri Jaradat, Pluto Press, 2017. In a small apartment in south Tel Aviv, a Filipina woman hides her Christmas tree in the hallway, away from the windows, fearing that were someone to spot it from outside she might be found out and wind up being deported. On the outskirts of a park in the same city, prospective employers size up a row of…

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  • LISTEN: The song of the 'threat' to the Zionist project

    A few weeks ago, I was in south Tel Aviv on a Friday night conducting research. As I walked down Salame Street, I heard a chorus singing above me. It was coming from the second story of a low-slung, dilapidated apartment building. I saw a few latecomers entering the building -- Eritrean women draped in white; Eritrean men, also wearing white, and carrying what looked like large walking sticks. As I listened to the music, I realized the sticks were being struck against the floor for percussion. I guessed that the singing was probably some sort of prayer. There was…

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  • A Christmas journey part 8: Where the lovelight gleams

    << The Christmas Journey Home Harashim - Tel-Aviv central bus station - Hatikva, Home for Christmas At sundown on Friday I arrived at my favorite place in the entire country: The tiny community of Harashim. It was founded in the 70s as part of Ariel Sharon's plan to Judaize the Galilee. Scores of small towns known as "lookouts" ("Mitzpim") were established on mountaintops. Since Palestinian communities developed around springs in lower altitudes, the lookouts overlook them as Kafka's castle overlooks the town below it, and could easily be used for military purposes if neccesary. The people who came to live…

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