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  • A Palestinian refugee's open letter to all Israelis

    I know your fear is very real to you, even if it makes little sense to me. I know you see my desire to return to the land of my parents as an attack on your very existence. I wish our rights weren't framed in zero-sum terms. By Israa Thiab Dear Israeli Citizen, I am writing this appeal as a Palestinian refugee who is concerned with the endless cycle of violence that has continued throughout my life. There has been no time when I was not saddened to see fellow human beings supporting the oppression of another people, oppression so…

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  • A life of constant fear for Jerusalem Palestinians

    From checkpoints and soldiers to the fate of our children, fear is everywhere in East Jerusalem these days. By Fuad Abu Hamed Friends, I want to tell you about what is happening to us in East Jerusalem. Even today, hundreds of thousands of Palestinians in Jerusalem live a life of fear. This kind of situation is completely unprecedented. Palestinians fear having their residency revoked; they fear being cut off from their city, from Al-Aqsa Mosque, from the Old City, from their families, from their schools. Every morning dozens of people try to rent or buy an apartment on the Israeli side…

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  • The mentality of conflict: Six steps to avoiding empathy

    From Protective Edge to the Jerusalem implosion, the mentality of conflict has been pushed under a microscope. During that time I’ve noticed a few axioms about how Israelis experience these wars. I imagine other sides in other conflicts may share them too, although they require pretty close scrutiny and insider knowledge – so I won’t venture to generalize. Here is what I’ve seen. “Our” in this case means “Israeli,” since I am one. 1. All our violence against their civilians is a matter of exceptions and anomalies, by bad apples and extremists. When they attack civilians, this represents the true…

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