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family reuinification

  • Israel's family separation law

    Netanyahu reveals one of the motivations behind the 'Jewish Nation-State Law': to stop Palestinians from 'exploiting' family unification procedures to join their families in Israel. Many people have been asking what harm Israel’s “Jewish Nation-State Law” actually causes — what rights it infringes on, and how it changes the current situation in Israel, in which Jews are already a privileged class. I myself, wrote just last week that the law’s power lies more in its declarations than its legal ramifications. I stand corrected. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu explained on Sunday exactly how the law harms an untold number of non-Jewish…

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  • Is Israel's High Court the enemy of human rights?

    As we mark International Human Rights Day, it is worth challenging the myth that Israel's High Court is the defender of human rights in Israel.  By Noam Rotem When he woke up from his nightmare one morning, Mr. Israeli discovered that the Israeli High Court had turned into a giant insect. Tasked with balancing the sickening populism of the legislative branch and fighting to protect Israeli democracy, the High Court has become the legal rubber stamp for the racist caprices of its overlords. This week, as we marked International Human Rights Day, Adalah – The Legal Center for Arab Minority…

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