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Facebook campaign

  • New campaign set on putting friendly Iranian faces on TA billboards

    Israeli and Iranian activists met in Germany to plan a follow-up to the viral solidarity campaign that swept the web with messages of mutual love earlier this year. Now they are stepping up their slogans, and getting ready to put messages of peace from Iran on the streets of Tel Aviv. Nobody could have anticipated the incredible success of the Israel loves Iran Facebook campaign started last March by two Israeli graphic designers. Messages of love and solidarity by common Israelis to Iranians flooded the web, with the recurring message: "We will never bomb your country – we love you." It wasn't…

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  • WATCH: Israelis tell Iranians 'we do not hate you'

    The initiative to tell Iranians that Israelis refuse to go to war with them is creative, important and moving - but, like so many other great initiatives here, it is tainted by the fact that we are a society at war, a society whose art cannot be appreciated simply for what it is.  I wasn't swept up by the whole "Iranians we love you" campaign that exploded last week - even though I do think it is a great, creative initiative expressing the most basic human urge to resist violence and war.  But I could not help but be moved…

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