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  • What Israel's 'precision bombing' of Gaza looks like

    The kind of violence visited upon the people of Gaza is designed to strafe armies, not refugee camps or city blocks. In the aftermath of Israel's last major assault on Gaza -- nine days of round-the-clock bombing and shelling which began on November 14, 2012 -- I visited the scene of one of its most horrific tragedies. Here's the Human Rights Watch description of what happened: An Israeli airstrike that killed 12 civilians – the largest number of civilians killed in a single attack during the Gaza fighting in November – was a clear violation of the laws of war.…

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  • Life in Gaza: Letter from a Palestinian woman

    My friend Oded Adomi Leshem from Tel Aviv sent me an email he received from a friend of his in Gaza. She writes about what she is going through and what she does when missiles hit her neighborhood. She puts a human face on the suffering of people in Gaza. After all, it is ignorant to think this is a war affecting the IDF or Hamas. Civilians are paying the highest price in this war. Some Israelis are describing it as though it were the First World War, the  so-called "war to end all wars." But just as the 1914-18 war…

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