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eyal golan

  • How (or how not) to fight rape culture

    The way to fight a culture that allows sexual exploitation is by calling out the problematic sides of the people we love and admire. Just don’t ditch that logic when watching a Polanski film. Naama Katiee (Translated from Hebrew by Noam Benishie) In the heat of the Eyal Golan scandal, in which the famous Mizrahi singer was accused of sleeping with teenage girls, somebody finally came up and said it loud and clear, with no apologizing or beating around the bush: in a comment to his own Facebook status, which concluded with the decisive statement, “the Arsim stole my country…

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  • Mixtape: DJs make music to break down borders

    DJs Ophir Toubul and Gal Kadan are in the business of making music to break down borders. Culling sounds from all corners of the world, the duo (known as Laissez-Passer) strings together everything from Mizrahi music to Jamaican dancehall to Kanye West. Most of all, they just want you to dance. By Ophir Toubul and Gal Kadan Playlist: Diblo Dibala - Laissez-Passer (Excerpt) Stromae - Papaoutai Major Lazer - Watch Out for This (Bumaye) Eyal Golan - Hazak Mimeni Mahendra Kapoor & Suresh Wadekar - Sada Vasda Raje Punjab (Uproot Andy RMX) Rima - Sidi Mansour (feat. Rayan) M.I.A. -…

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  • Paving the road for true multiculturalism on Israeli television

    The 'Eyal Golan is Calling You' finale night was a brimming, pronounced and accented Mizrahi broadcast, paving the road for a true multiculturalism and change of viewing habits. Merav Alush Levron on the struggle she partook in to have the finale aired on Channel 2 (and fair play to Eden Abutbul!) By Merav Alush Levron (translated from Hebrew by Noam Benishie) Much has been written over the social networks and mainstream press in the run-up for Eyal Golan is Calling You Finale airing on Israel's Channel 2. Now that it has been broadcast live from Nokia Arena and that we’ve read,…

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  • The Mizrahi canon: Top classics from the margins of Israeli society

    Although Mizrahi artists have become household names that can sell out amphitheaters, their music is still missing from the Israeli musical canon. The culture that Mizrahi Jews never forgot, along with the attachment to their roots and faith, are excellent tools for creating new Mizrahi classics. By Avi H. Muthada Classics, like good wine, must be preserved in wooden barrels in dark basements for years upon years. Only every so often do we open the treasure, have a taste and fondly remember the memories of the past. When it comes to Israeli classics, the association is clear and one-dimensional: the…

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  • 'Revivo's Project' brings Mizrahi pop back to its Arab roots

    The Revivo Project's debut album is a rare homage to the forefathers of Mediterranean pop and provides an educational introduction to the history of Mizrahi music -- or at least the Yemenite part. By Ophir Toubul Israeli-Mizrahi music has, from time immemorial, been divided into two main, often competing groups. The first is comprised of Moroccan singers, including Ofer Levi, Zehava Ben or Kobi Peretz, who gave the music a strong Turkish-Arabic flavor that was often depressing and full of protest. The second group was comprised of Yemenite Jews. What started in the 70s in Tel Aviv's Kerem HaTeimanim ("Yemenite…

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  • Israeli soccer: If anyone's a sucker - it's me

    Yesterday I watched the game between Israel and Croatia, a qualification match for the upcoming European Championship. It was pathetic, as usual. We lost 2-1. And as usual, I, like the rest of the country, had my hopes up high that change was gonna come with the new French coach, non-stop lollipop sucking Luis Fernandez. If anyone’s a sucker, it’s me. And the rest of Israel. If anything, I should have known better. I should have known that Israeli soccer players, and the Israeli soccer federation itself, don’t believe that hard work and endless training brings results. It’s all about…

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