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  • Three Palestinian activists exiled from Jerusalem for five months

    Without explanation, three Jerusalemite Palestinians are given five-month bans from the city of their birth and residence. One is banned from the West Bank as well. Text and photos by: Ryan Rodrick Beiler/ In early December, three Jerusalem-born Palestinians received orders from Israeli authorities banning them from the city for a period of five months. Majd Darwish, Saleh Dirbas and Daoud Al-Ghoul first received phone calls saying that they were banned from entering the Old City. When they reported to the police station as requested they were given military orders banning them from all of Jerusalem until April 30, 2015.…

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  • At the exiled Iranian Parliament in Berlin

    At the exiled Iranian parliament we convened at Café Kotti in Berlin, I look around at my new friends and ask myself: how can civilians destroy the walls the politicians have built with such a lack of imagination, courage, vision and basic human love? It’s not a theoretical question. We’re talking about our lives. By Mati Shemoelof (translated from Hebrew by Chana Morgenstern) During one of my special evenings in Berlin, I climbed over the wall separating Israel and Iran and opened a parliament for Iranian Mashhadi exiles with two other refugees. We sat at Café Kotti (the local Albi)…

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  • A Mideast alternative to Israel: A response to Yuval Ben-Ami

     Yuval Ben-Ami is thinking of leaving Israel for a saner life somewhere in Europe. Though I know the feeling he talks about and sympathize with it deeply – my choice, time and time again, is to stay right here, at home. I can even justify it. Of course, I totally agree with Yuval. It's a very rough country that we live in, a country of occupation and racism, a country of militarism, chauvinism and brutal capitalism, a country of fundamentalism and violence, where intimidating winds of fascism are blowing in the air. It's a country where I spent two years…

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  • A homage to David Grossman, to mark his new novel

    I'd like to step away from the relentless discussion of Grossman's activism and to explain why he hold such a tremendous place for me and many more as an author - and what his last novel to appear in English tells of this country's future. David Grossman has a new book coming out today in Israel; it's Hebrew title translates as "Falling out of Time." Grossman is a politically contentious figure; to many Israelis, he is too political, while to many activists, he is not political enough. He's been accused equally of being subversive and of serving the hegemony and…

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