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European anti-Semitism

  • The single worst way the EU could combat anti-Semitism

    The newly appointed European Commission Coordinator on Combating Anti-Semitism spoke at a Jerusalem conference that was a thinly veiled platform for bashing pro-Palestinian activists. Above all, it sent an alarming message about how she perceives her own role.  By Ben White A senior European official spoke last week at an Israeli government-hosted conference in Jerusalem where human rights defenders were denigrated and smeared as anti-Semitic. The International Conference on Online Anti-Semitism was organized by the pro-Israel group Israeli Students Combating Anti-Semitism (ISCA). The group’s director, Ido Daniel, is a veteran hasbara activist who believes in “exact[ing] an economic and personal…

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  • Oslo 'Ring of Peace' organizers slammed for Palestine solidarity

    Muslim youth inspire more than 1,000 Norwegians to stand in solidarity at an Oslo synagogue. But not everybody's feeling the love. Text and photos by: Ryan Rodrick Beiler/ A group of Muslim youth successfully organized a globally publicized event in solidarity with Norway’s Jewish community on Saturday. In the wake of anti-Jewish violence the previous week in Denmark and earlier attacks in France, they flooded the street in front of the Oslo Synagogue with more than 1,000 supporters to form a symbolic “Ring of Peace.” The response in Norway and around the globe was almost universally positive. Almost, because —…

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  • How Europe's Jews lost their humanity in Gaza

    The racism that has swept across Israel is devastating to behold. It is also an abdication of what Jews have prized for centuries: A sense of common humanity. By Gilad Isaacs For centuries Jews knocked on the door of Eurasian civilization. As they stood precariously on the doorstep they understood that crossing the threshold – being enveloped by the warmth and light within – would signify acceptance, normalization and safety. Sometimes they begged, sometimes they yelled; often they declared: “I am a Jew,” and continued in the vein of: Hath not a Jew eyes? hath not a Jew hands, organs,…

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  • A distorted portrait of Palestinian 'anti-Semitism'

    With a discriminatory system that includes two separate legal systems, what is a Palestinian supposed to answer when he’s asked if Jews don’t care what happens to anyone but their own kind? The ADL’s world anti-Semitism survey presents a distorted view of the world. By Inna Michaeli The Anti-Defamation League (ADL) - a Jewish-American organization whose goal is to combat anti-Semitism - and in practice, to promote Israeli hasbara - published a worldwide survey on anti-Semitism last week. The survey is unprecedented in its scope (53,100 people were surveyed in 102 countries) and purports to establish a reliable database on…

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  • A further defense of Gunter Grass

    The only way you can think of the poem 'What must be said' as anti-Semitic is if you think of Grass as an anti-Semite. His history as well as the poem itself point in the exact opposite direction.   If Gunter Grass had ever said or done anything that showed hatred of Jews or of Israel, then I, too, might take a very uncharitable view of his warning in the poem "What must be said" that this country, or even this government, is liable to nuke Iran and "annihilate the Iranian people." Like I wrote before, that's a misleading suggestion; for all the past reports about "bunker-busting" bombs and future scenarios about a regional WMD war, Israel is not…

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  • Is Europe seeing a new wave of Jew-hatred?

    While the murders in Toulouse are evidence that anti-Semitism certainly subsists in Europe, there is no reason to believe that European Jews need to be saved. In fact, the reality is that Jews are increasingly open and confident about expressing their Jewish identity. By Dov Waxman Reading much of the media commentary in Israel and the United States following last week’s cold-blooded killing of three Jewish children and a rabbi at a Jewish school in Toulouse would easily give one the impression that Europe’s Jews are facing a scourge of deadly anti-Semitism. The murderous actions of Mohamed Merah, the 23-year-old…

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