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ethnic segregation

  • When will Israel stop seeing Palestinians as a 'demographic threat?'

    Israel’s political and social outlook, rooted in its desire to be a 'Jewish state,' makes it impossible to view the Palestinians as anything but an existential problem, even those it accepts as citizens. By Amjad Iraqi Last week, Haaretz’s Ofer Aderet reported about the auctioning of a letter written by Israel’s first prime minister, David Ben-Gurion, to then-Haifa Mayor Abba Hushi. In the letter Ben-Gurion rejected attempts to allow Palestinian Arabs to return to Haifa after fleeing during the 1948 war, stating that “until the war is over, we don’t want a return of the enemy.”  While the letter does…

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  • WATCH: Hebron's Shuhada Street: Authorized entry only

    How would you feel if you were suddenly forbidden from walking down the main street of your city? This theoretical scenario, inconceivable to most, is reality for the Palestinian residents of Hebron. Shuhada Street was a pivotal and vibrant main street in Hebron but since 2000, entry has been blocked for Palestinians – even those who live on it. The closure of Shuhada Street is just another example of Israel's undeclared racial segregation policies Israel Social TV is an independent media NGO working to promote social change, human rights, social justice and equality, and to mobilize its viewers towards activism.

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  • Israel policy myth #2: Separation between Jews and Arabs is not racist

    Racist attitudes against Arabs are widespread in Israel. Numerous official policies segregate and separate Jews from Palestinians, with a vastly discriminatory effect and intent. Justifications alluding to security needs, or alleging that separation is based on citizenship rather than ethnic origin, do not withstand close scrutiny. One of the most acrimonious controversies surrounding Israeli policy concerns the accusation that it has created a system of apartheid between Jews and Palestinian in territories under its control. The issue is so sensitive, that some activists have come to refer to the term as "the A-word". While bickering over nomenclature is, in my…

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  • Israel builds town to ensure "the Arabs won't rear their heads"

    The State of Israel is building a town in the country's north. Its purpose: to make sure "the Arabs won't rear their heads" and to "put them in proportion." Anybody objecting to this goal should "go live with the Palestinians" and is "harming Israel's security." Last week, the Knesset passed a bill that legalizes "acceptance committees" in small localities, a tool that is used to maintain segregation between Jews and Arabs (as well as keeping out various other "undesirables"). As I wrote, this bill is just one of the many policies through which Israel denies its Palestinian citizens the right…

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  • Jerusalem Post on "the danger of intermarriage"

    Marriage between Jews and Arabs were never a real political issue in Israel. Rabbi Meir Kahane once tried to introduce laws banning sexual relations between Jews and none-Jews and was thrown out of the Knesset. At the time, Supreme Court Justice Meir Shamgar wrote that Kahane's actions and ideas remind “the worst harms that were imposed upon our people.” Recently, the racist plans of Rabbi Kahane are infiltrating the Israeli mainstream. Now The Jerusalem Post's editorial (!) refers to "the dangers of intermarriage" as a pretext for its support of the new Knesset bill allowing ethnically segregated communities (my bold):…

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