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  • WATCH: Why Ethiopian Israelis are taking to the streets

    Hundreds of Israelis of Ethiopian descent took to the streets earlier this month to protest police brutality targeting black Israelis, but also police violence in general. One of the major symbols of the movement is an Ethiopian Israeli man named Yosef Salamsa, who's death many in the community directly tie to the police violence and abuse to which he was subject. Here is their story. Read more here about the struggle against police violence in Israel.

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  • WATCH: Ethiopian-Israeli mothers join protests against police brutality

    Israelis of Ethiopian descent have taken to the streets several times over the past year to demand an end to police discrimination and brutality against their community. Now, a group of mothers is leading a new movement against the violence and discrimination police use against their sons. Read more: A long time coming: Why Ethiopian-Israelis are protesting Ethiopian-Israelis' protest against police violence is met with police violence

  • A month in photos: Bringing the struggle to Tel Aviv

    Separately, thousands of Palestinian citizens of Israel and Jewish Israelis of Ethiopian descent protest against institutional discrimination and racism in Tel Aviv’s central stage: Rabin Square. Palestinians mark Israeli Independence Day with a ‘March of Return,’ two Palestinian teens are shot dead by Israeli forces, Palestinian journalists denounce Israel’s imprisonment of reporters, and West Bank villages continue their struggle against the Separation Wall and the occupation.                                      

  • Ethiopian Jews find inspiration in MLK, Malcolm X

    Thousands of members of the small Ethiopian-Israeli community demonstrated yesterday in Jerusalem against racism and discrimination. This was the last rally in a wave of protest that erupted after religious homeowners in Kiryat Malakhi, a town south of Tel Aviv, announced in a public letter that they will refuse to rent their apartment to Ethiopians. You can read Max Schindler's report from the protest here. What caught my eye was this photo: Black Ethiopian Jews were brought to Israel in two waves in the eighties and early nineties. A political arrangement between the Likud and religious parties had the majority…

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  • Thousands of Ethiopian Israelis protest racism in Jerusalem march

    By Max Schindler Thousands of Ethiopian Israelis and their supporters marched through central Jerusalem on Wednesday to call attention to a recent groundswell of racism and discrimination. Holding picket signs and shouting “a new generation demands change,” the demonstrators joined a wave of protests triggered by a Channel 2 report last week that a group of homeowners in Kiryat Malachi—a Southern town with a large Ethiopian population— signed a pledge to neither rent nor sell to Israelis of Ethiopian origin. The news sparked outrage in the Ethiopian community and demands by activists for a response from the government. Mulet Araru,…

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