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  • Did Mandela actually receive training from the Mossad?

    A recent report in Haaretz alleges that Nelson Mandela underwent training by Mossad agents in the early 60s. One key part of the story doesn't add up. By Ran Greenstein Let us start by asserting that the following story in question does not merit much attention for its content, that is, for what it presumes to tell us about Nelson Mandela, his stay in Ethiopia and the role of Israel and its security agencies. Rather, it is interesting because it throws light on the operation of the media and the ways in which stories can quickly circulate with little regard for…

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  • Could it be the start of an Ethiopian Winter?

    For the young Ethiopians who began to speak up last week, the frustration is terrific. The test will come in the coming months as the young activists, like the summer protest leaders, try to figure out what comes next. By Don Futterman One week ago, a new generation of young Ethiopian Israelis made their voices heard for the first time when 5,000 citizens marched and rallied against racism in Jerusalem. The gathering was timed to coincide with the arrival of 26-year-old Mulet Araro as he wrapped up a three-day protest walk from Kiryat Malakhi to Israel’s capital, intersecting with Ehud…

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