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Esh Kodesh

  • Palestinians catch settlers allegedly attempting a 'price tag' attack

    Settlers invade the village of Qusra, where they are trapped by village residents. Palestinians eventually call the Israeli army to evacuate their attackers. Qusra has a long history as the target of settler violence. Palestinians in the West Bank village of Qusra caught a group of Israeli settlers who they said invaded the village to carry out a so-called "price tag" attack against locals, leading to a standoff that lasted over two hours on Tuesday. The incident began late Tuesday morning when the Israeli army demolished an agricultural plot belonging to the settlement outpost of Esh Kodesh, Israel Radio reported…

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  • Two sides of the same coin: How soldiers and settlers complete each other

    Most of the time, soldiers and settlers are not adversaries; they are two sides completing each other. The settlers despoil the Palestinians of their land, and the soldiers pretend they have no choice but to defend them. By Yesh Din (written by Yossi Gurvitz) Some three weeks ago, S., a resident of the West Bank village Qusra, which is under constant terror attack by settlers, took his herd of goats out to pasture. As he was herding his goats around a building belonging to his family which was destroyed by settlers, several IDF vehicles reached the scene. A few troops…

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  • Settlers arrested in connection with near-fatal shooting of Palestinian man in Qusra

    Police make rare arrests in connection to settler violence against Palestinians. But the circumstances surrounding the shooting were unique, and likely played no small role in pushing police to investigate seriously. Update (April 3): Police released all of the suspects and cleared them of wrongdoing, according to The Jerusalem Post.  In a rare display of law enforcement against violent Jewish settlers, Israeli police raided the notorious illegal outpost of Esh Kodesh early Tuesday morning. Police arrested five settlers, including an active duty soldier, in connection with the near-fatal shooting of a young Palestinian man from the nearby village of Qusra…

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  • A history of violence in Qusra: Not 'clashes,' but 'pogroms'

    The attack against Palestinians in Qusra yesterday was not a 'clash,' it was a pogrom – and, as usual, it took place under the aegis of the IDF. By Yesh Din, written by Yossi Gurvitz A group of settlers coming from the direction of one of the most notorious outposts, Esh Kodesh, raided the Palestinian village of Qusra yesterday (Saturday). Some six Palestinians were wounded. The Israeli media reported a "clash" in the village. There wasn't one. A clash is what happens when two sides of more-or-less equal strength face off with one another. What took place in Qusra is much…

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  • Prisoner issue and settler violence drive escalation of West Bank protests

    Tensions are rising following the death of a Palestinian in Israeli prison and a settler attack on a Palestinian village, which took place despite the fact that IDF soldiers were on the scene. Indifference to the Palestinian issue and lack of progress on the ground are building up frustration and anger among Palestinians.  This weekend saw a series of confrontations between Palestinians, soldiers and settlers in the occupied territories. Hundreds of Palestinians confronted soldiers in Beitunia (near Ofer prison), in several places near Road 60, in Hebron and near the village of Qusra, where at least two people were reportedly shot by settlers from…

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  • Settler kidnaps, tortures Palestinian kid, gets 18 months

    The courts convicted Zvi Strock of kidnapping with intent to harm, assault, and killing of a lamb. He got 18 months Two days ago, the Jerusalem District Court passed sentence (Hebrew) on Zvi Strock. The latter, the son of Urit Strock of the oh-so-ironically named “Human Rights in YESHA *” organization, was convicted on 14th November 2010 by Judge Amnon Cohen of the kidnapping and assault of F (name redacted since he was a minor at the time), a Palestinian shepherd. The incident took place in 2007; F was 15 at the time; Strock is a settler from the outpost…

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