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  • Asylum seekers: Israeli support for Eritrea prevents us from going home

    'We call on the Israeli government to stop all diplomatic and economic ties with Eritrea, including ending Israeli military presence on Eritrean islands, suspending the sharing of intelligence, and stopping all economic support to the dictatorship.' By Isayas Teklebrhan More than 100 Eritrean asylum seekers traveled to Jerusalem by bus on Sunday to hold a demonstration in front of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The protesters tolerated the hot weather in order to properly convey their message to the Israeli government. The slogans of the demonstrations called on Israel to stop supporting the Eritrean dictatorship and halt all relations with it.…

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  • Testimonies: Israelis tear-gassed pleading asylum seekers, dragged them to Egypt

    Contrary to Israeli statements suggesting that 18 starved Eritrean agreed to go back to Egypt, the survivors tell lawyers their comrades were forcibly dragged away from the fence, despite begging to be killed rather than returned to Egypt. The refugees reported they were previously tear gassed, pushed away with metal rods and denied food. The Egyptian soldiers near the border told the group that the men were unwanted but they would take the women of the group and rape them, in addition to the two they were raping already.    The following are excerpts from testimonies given by two women…

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  • Palestinian prisoners, Eritrean refugees: On the outskirts of Israeli law

    In the case of the refugees trapped on the Israeli border, as in the matter of hunger striking prisoner Khader Adnan, Israel's highest court wriggled out of a decision, escaping the shackles of democracy and international law that are supposed to guide its work. Last February, a Palestinian prisoner in an Israeli jail was on the verge of death, more than two months into a hunger strike he had launched in protest of his administrative detention order under Israeli military law. On Sunday, February 19, the High Court of Justice agreed to hear Khader Adnan’s petition against the order – and…

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  • Asylum seekers can now face years in prison over false accusation

    The Prevention of Infiltration Law, which enables asylum seekers to be detained for three years or more without trial, can now be applied to anyone with a 'criminal background.' But what does 'criminal background' mean? It's unclear.  By Elizabeth Tsurkov In early July 2012, the Ministry of Interior and the Israel Police decided to allow asylum seekers with a vaguely defined “criminal background” to be detained under the new Prevention of Infiltration Law. Following the expansion of prisons to hold thousands more migrants, Israel began enforcing the law on June 3. Since then, all newly arrived asylum seekers, including children…

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  • Three Eritreans stabbed in south Tel Aviv internet cafe

    The suspect in the stabbing is a white Israeli man who fled the scene. All three Eritreans reportedly suffered light injuries.  At around 11 a.m. this morning (Tuesday), a man entered an internet cafe in the Shapira neighborhood of south Tel Aviv, stabbed three Eritrean asylum seekers who were inside, and fled the scene. One man was reportedly stabbed in his back, another in his knee and the third in his hand. The stabber has not yet been identified but is alleged to be an Israeli male. UPDATE: An Israeli resident of south Tel Aviv, aged 38 and reportedly mentally…

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  • Kadima MK: Send leftists to camps; MKs attack African refugees

    UPDATE: At the end of the Knesset hearing Tuesday, MK (Kadima) Yulia Shamalov Berkovtich said that "All human rights activists should be imprisoned and transported to camps we are building," referring to a facility now being constructed in the south to hold African refugees.  She referred to those aiding refugees as "hypocrites" that incite against Jews.   After the controversy in which Likud MK Miri Regev denied (documented) footage of her calling Sudanese a "cancer," National Union MK Michael Ben-Ari defends use of the term at Knesset special hearing. On Tuesday morning, the Knesset Committee on Internal Affairs and the Environment…

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