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eretz nehederet

  • Shhhh, the Nakba made it to prime time

    Israel's top satire program takes on the Nakba. Sometimes humor can succeed in places where activism or advocacy fall short. The tortured road of the Nakba towards a legitimate place in the Israeli historical memory has some unexpected twists. Eitan Bronstein Aparicio and Dr. Eléonore Merza Bronstein recently explained that at first, it was mainly Palestinians who wished to commemorate the Nakba. Next came far-left wing Jews in Israel. Following that came the right-wing or oppositional Jewish Israeli approaches, such as “Jewish Nakba,” a phrase coined over the years as a name for the violent expulsion of Jews from Arab countries…

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  • Israeli satire show imagines a right-wing kindergarten

    Eretz Nehederet (It's a Wonderful Country), is Israel's most popular and most iconoclastic satire show. In a skit from a recent episode, it imagines a Tel Aviv kindergarten class with a curriculum managed by Im Tirtzu, the ultra-nationalist group that last year led a scurrilous campaign against Israeli NGOs like the New Israel Fund and Breaking the Silence. As a few Facebook friends remarked, it's so close to reality that one runs the risk of having friends view it out of context and conclude that it's a real news item rather than satire.

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