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Eretz Israel

  • WATCH: This land belongs to me. And you. And them. Oh, and those guys

    Growing up and living in Jewish towns in Israel (Haifa, Ra’anana, Tel Aviv, Givatayim and now Bat Yam), my Yom Kippurs were always of the quiet kind. Silent streets, clean air and kids riding bikes. But on this Kippur, I ventured into Jaffa and saw another world. Maybe the real world? It was noisy as hell (no pun intended). Cars were speeding, music was blasting, shops were open, families were picnicking on the street and smoking nargilas. At times, it almost seemed like there was a rebellious air to the scene. As I passed the locals on my bike, I…

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  • Fantasized homeland: Review of Shlomo Sand's new book

    A review of Shlomo Sand's "The Invention of the Land of Israel" and other musings on religious Zionism. "After the people was exiled from its land by force of arms, it kept faith with it in all the lands of its diaspora, and never ceased from praying and hoping to return to its land and renewing in it its political sovereignty."  Among the many falsehoods contained in Israel's Declaration of Independence, this must be the most baseless, yet you can hardly describe the core of Zionism without it. After dedicating his earlier book, "The Invention of the Jewish People," to…

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  • Transcend the two-state solution, create a federated state

    By Dan Goldenblatt For years now, the Israeli government has been involved in duplicity: it says it is preparing to turn over Area C to the Palestinians, as mandated by the 1993 Oslo Accords. On the other hand, Israel is making plans to expand settlements in that same area. Though a growing number of Israelis have clung to the Oslo Accords because of its promise of a sustainable Jewish demographic majority, it has become clear that Israeli government have not shared the same concern. Though difficult, depressing and for some even tragic, the Oslo promise has been a failure. It…

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