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  • WATCH: Israeli left finds a star in TV's Big Brother

    Saar Szekely, the most radical left winger to appear on Israeli Big Brother - and probably on any Israeli reality show - has made it to the final, despite the early forecasts he wouldn't last long OK, I admit it: I watch Big Brother. In fact, I even enjoy it at times. I think the reason I do enjoy it is that Big Brother really epitomizes what reality TV is about. Compared to all the other dozens of reality shows, there seems to be something a tad more “real” to Big Brother. But then again, who knows - they might…

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  • Big Brother is drugging you: Knesset meets reality show scandal

    The Israeli parliament has a lot on its plate. Homeland security, the potential threat from Iran, an occupation and a smorgasbord of domestic issues. However, that doesn’t mean that local politicians don’t have time to consider what’s going on on television. That is, they make time for TV in the daily agenda when a story like the one that erupted last week bubbles up. On Monday morning of this week, a special committee was called in to discuss the recent turmoil surrounding Israel’s most successful reality television show: “Big Brother.” It began two weeks ago with a letter drafted by…

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