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Emad Burnat

  • +972's Story of the Year: Gaza

    Most of us have become so accustomed to Gaza’s suffering that we can hardly imagine a world without it. But imagine we must. During the fighting this summer, and in its aftermath, many believed the war would be a game-changer, that something would have to give — it hasn't. Activists, intellectuals and diplomats continue to advocate, but what about the Gazans themselves? Beyond violence, what is their role in ending the siege and attaining freedom? Samer Badawi tackles the questions — and the answers — left buried in the rubble. By Samer Badawi This is the first time that +972 is highlighting a…

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  • Shock, not awe, among 'battle-hardened' Gazans

    Netanyahu might have taken his 'gloves off,' but Palestinians in Gaza have long since been hardened by their bare-knuckle existence. In the three days beginning on March 19, 2003, Baghdad endured just over a thousand bombing runs, all aimed at cowing the Iraqi capital -- a city of nearly four million people -- through what the U.S. military called "shock and awe." As of Friday, Israel had already conducted more than 1,000 air sorties over Gaza as part of its so-called "Operation Protective Edge" -- this upon a population of two million with no army, no command-and-control structure, no sophisticated…

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  • Why this isn't a 'new' intifada

    What we're seeing today is not a new intifada, but an ever-more sophisticated version of the one Palestinians have been fighting all along. In a pre-interview with a television news producer yesterday, I found myself stammering over a familiar question: as a Palestinian, do you have any hope for the future? Steeped in the day-to-day of our "conflict" with Israel, I find it difficult to respond to such banalities - not least because I'm in no position to represent all Palestinians. So after attempting something articulate with the producer, I decided to get in touch with my friend, Emad Burnat, the…

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  • '5 Broken Cameras' director: There is no room for guilt - only taking responsibility

    NEW YORK -- Before Guy Davidi co-directed and produced 5 Broken Cameras, he was involved in Indymedia and an experienced filmmaker. He was also associated with Anarchists Against the Wall, Israeli anti-occupation activists. This is how he came to know the West Bank village of Bil'in, home of the film's co-director, Emad Burnat. "I lived in the village for two months in 2005," he recalled, during a conversation that took place at a coffee shop in New York, where he was promoting the film ahead of the Oscars. "That was an intense time, with the [Palestinian Legislative Council] election. That…

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  • WATCH: IDF reservists call for charging makers of '5 Broken Cameras' with incitement

    And, the Oscar for weirdest item of the day goes to... the group of soldiers who call for charging the makers of '5 Broken Cameras' with incitement! The Israeli website Mako reports that the group, known as "Consensus - Guardian of the IDF Spirit," has posted the following Youtube clip as part of a campaign against the makers of the movie (my subtitles).   Mako reports: "The movie Five Broken Cameras is indeed a nominee in the category for best documentary, but it seems it should be in the category for best propoganda film. The film lacks any objectivity, and…

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  • Film on occupation's court system wins big at Sundance

    Just a few hours ago, director Ra’anan Alexandrowicz was inducted into Israel's cinematic Hall of Fame. His film The Law In These Parts won the World Cinema Grand Jury Prize in Documentary at the Sundance Film Festival. Earlier this year, Alexandrowicz picked up the award for best documentary at the Jerusalem Film Festival. The film is a critical investigation of the IDF’s court system governing Palestinians. Through interviews with the judges that engineered and implemented the complicated web of military laws currently in place, Alexandrowicz asks many crucial questions about the occupation.   [vimeo][/vimeo]   “This is the hardest film…

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