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El Al

  • 'I won't fly refugees to their deaths': The El Al pilots resisting deportation

    At least three pilots for Israel's flag carrier publish declarations publicly refusing to take part in the forced deportation of asylum seekers should they be asked to. The Israeli government is giving tens of thousands of Eritrean and Sudanese asylum seekers a stark choice: deportation or indefinite imprisonment. By Yael Marom At least three El Al pilots in recent days published public declarations of their refusal to take part in the deportation of asylum seekers to countries where their lives may be in danger. Captain Yoel Piterbarg, a pilot on Israel's national airline, wrote the following on Facebook (Hebrew): Israel is populated…

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  • Israeli politician says Israel is 'Fourth World' — for the stupidest reason imaginable

    Erel Margalit, a loud-mouthed Israeli member of Knesset from the Labor Party, drew the ire of the internet on Thursday with a Facebook post in which he described Israel as a Fourth World country. [tmwinpost] Margalit wasn’t referring to the fact that Israel has the highest child poverty rate among all OECD countries. He wasn’t referring to the fact that millions of people living under Israeli rule have no democratic rights. He wasn’t referring to the fact that Israeli police disproportionately arrest the country's own Arab citizens. Margalit wasn't referring to his country's refusal to process asylum claims of refugees…

  • There is nothing anti-Haredi about staying in your seat

    The attempt to dismantle patriarchy does not necessarily imply hatred for ultra-Orthodox Jews. Rather it is an urgent task that extends to all spheres of daily life. A response to Orly Noy. My colleague Orly Noy, whose thinking and writing I greatly value, wrote an article entitled “Let’s fight women’s oppression without demonizing ultra-Orthodox.” After reading Orly’s arguments carefully, I found that I disagree with nearly all of them except perhaps the title. I do not support demonizing ultra-Orthodox Jews or any other group. But even my agreement with the title is qualified, since the issue at hand is everyone’s problem.…

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  • Israeli airlines strike over 'Open Skies' agreement, but what's the solution?

    Israeli airlines stopped flying this morning in an open-ended strike opposing the country's Open Skies agreement with the EU. The issue is complicated and there are no easy ways to resolve it. On the one hand, there is no question that opening Israeli airport(s) to more flights is good for consumers: it will bring more tourists, create new jobs and lower prices, making it cheaper for Israelis to fly. But the way Israeli airlines are structured at the moment, it would drive the three companies out of business. As Gideon Afek writes in the Times of Israel: El Al today…

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