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Egyptian elections

  • Hamas, Fatah say unity gov't could be finalized in days

    The makeup and formation of a technocratic unity government could be announced within days, or as soon as Egypt's elections are finalized, Palestinian officials tell +972. Palestinian factions Fatah and Hamas agreed on the formation of a unity government in accordance with the reconciliation deal reached last month, a number of Palestinian officials told +972 Magazine on Wednesday. An official announcement about the formation of the government is expected in the coming days or as soon as Thursday. The announcement is being delayed until the results of Egypt’s presidential elections are published, along with a few final disagreements about appointments…

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  • In Cairo, a demoralizing spectacle

    This time 'people power' returned Egypt to the Mubarak era, only worse. Since I spend most of my writing time denouncing the Israeli public for its rotten political inclinations, I think I have the right to call it as I see it about the Egyptian public, which has really put on a show these last few days. One of the polite hypocrisies of democratic society is that the public, in any country, is fundamentally good, that it wants good things, that it’s entitled to have what it wants, and that when masses of people are suffering and crying out for…

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  • On Egypt and elsewhere: The Left's fatal flaw

    First of all, I've changed my mind about the point in my Saturday post that shocked people and got the most attention - that if I'd known last February that Islamists were going to democratically take over Egypt, I would have supported Mubarak instead of the protesters. Prodded to reconsider by a couple of commenters, I saw that this would have meant siding with the dictator's killers and torturers against a crowd of people risking their lives for freedom. No way.  So this is what I wrote in the comments on my post, and in the comments on the pseudonymous R.W. Al-Thahabi's eloquent response yesterday: (L)et’s say that instead of believing,…

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  • The Plunge: An Egyptian liberal's response to Derfner

    No liberal can justify the extreme, gruesome violence perpetrated by the regime on unarmed demonstrators, in full view of the international media. The ends cannot justify the means. By R.W. Al-Thahabi As a liberal, I understand much of the fears of Western and liberal commentators following the overwhelming victory of Islamists in the Egyptian Parliament. Even further, I share such fears. And even though it has been argued repeatedly that not every Egyptian who voted for the Islamists made their choice on the basis of ideology, but rather often for pragmatic and more worldly reasons, I remain quite worried. Nevertheless, I…

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  • Islamists win two-thirds of Egyptian vote

    Let's face it - this is a demoralizing defeat The final results of the Egyptian parliamentary elections are in, and they're exactly what we liberals didn't want to believe could happen, and what most conservatives predicted. The Muslim Brotherhood won 38%, the even more radical Islamist Nour party won 29%, and liberal parties finished third and fourth. As for the team the whole world was rooting for, Reuters reports: "The Revolution Continues coalition, dominated by youth groups at the forefront of the protests that toppled Mubarak, attracted less than a million votes and took just seven of the 498 seats…

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