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Egypt Islamists

  • Three years later, Egypt's revolution coming full circle

    Three years after the revolution that set the benchmark for the Arab Spring, Egypt is now coming full circle, and the promise of the mass movement with it. On the first anniversary of Egypt’s momentous 18-day revolution, the country was still in a state of flux. A powerful military council remained in charge of a transitional government and the outcome of the revolution was unclear, but people were cautiously optimistic of what the future might hold if they kept pushing. By the second anniversary, the Muslim Brotherhood was in power, the country was polarized and in upheaval over the Islamists’…

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  • Banning the Brotherhood: What next for Egypt’s Islamists?

    Months after it was unseated from power, it is unlikely that the Muslim Brotherhood will defeat the military in their current standoff. To end the conflict, both sides will need to move toward a power-sharing solution. By Gillian Kennedy From Cairo to Damascus, Middle Eastern politicians and populaces are keeping a watchful eye on the fate of Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood. Last month saw a decisive development in the soap opera world that is Egyptian political life. A court judgement declaring that Egypt’s first democratically elected group is now officially banned. But what does this mean for the behemoth Brotherhood? The…

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