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edmond levy

  • Complicated justice: Must occupation be the litmus test for the Left?

    While many remember Supreme Court Justice Edmund Levy, who passed earlier this month, for concluding that there is no occupation of the West Bank, Ofer Sitbon says we must see Levy as an activist judge with a strong sense of justice for the underprivileged. By Ofer Sitbon Everyone had their own Edmund Levy. Since passing away at the age of 72 two weeks ago, the former Supreme Court justice has received myriad obituaries highlighting his extraordinary judicial personality. There were those who longingly emphasized his ruling regarding Israel's disengagement from Gaza, in which he wrote unprecedented political lines in Israel's legal…

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  • Re-thinking the role of international law in the Middle East conflict

    The fact that international law supports the two-state paradigm is not sufficient reason to preserve its current role, if at present, international law serves to perpetuate the conflict.  International law is increasingly being applied when deemed relevant to an ideological agenda, and therefore its impact is limited.   By David Hughes In response to former Justice Edmond Levy’s report on the status of the West Bank, Itamar Mann considers Levy’s controversial proposal that Israel’s presence in the West Bank does not amount to an occupation. Mann's position is surprising: perhaps easing the collective fixation on the terminology of occupation “will enable…

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  • Don't abandon the legal system in fight against occupation

    By Noam Wiener Former Israeli Supreme Court Justice Edmond Levy submitted on Monday his report on the legality of settlements in the occupied territories, recommending we change the very language we use to describe the territories, taken by force of arms by the Israeli army in 1967. The report declares, contrary to more than forty years of Israeli Supreme Court jurisprudence, that the territories are not occupied according to international law. The report further recommends that settlements built in the occupied territories, without authorization even according to Israeli law, be authorized ex-post facto based on the legal theory of administrative promise.…

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  • Report that claims 'there is no occupation' presents an opportunity

    What is behind the left’s anger at a government commission report that rejects the existence of the occupation? The report presents an opportunity to replace empty political rhetoric and legality with a focus on facts on the ground. By Itamar Mann The Israeli left responded with a mixture of laughter and rage to former Justice Edmond Levy’s report on the status of the West Bank and its claim that “there is no occupation.” One commentator particularly baffled was human rights lawyer Michael Sfard, who wrote that the “report was written in Wonderland, governed by the laws of absurdity.” Instead of…

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  • Panel appointed by Netanyahu concludes: There is no occupation

    The Israeli right celebration of the legal opinion that there is no occupation - written by the Supreme Court Justice that opposed the disengagement - is evidence that public debate has clearly reached a delusional moment. A panel formed by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has concluded that Israel is entitled to settle the West Bank with Jews. The committee, headed by former Supreme Court Justice Edmond Levy, claims that Israel's control over the West Bank cannot be seen as "occupation" since no country has recognized sovereignty over the territory. Therefore, the Fourth Geneva Convention, which prevents the transfer of a civilian population…

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