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  • Three arrested blocking Israeli bulldozers in Khan al-Ahmar

    Israeli forces are preparing to demolish and displace the entire Palestinian village of Khan al-Ahmar. European diplomats attempt a solidarity visit but aren't allowed to enter. The demolition is part of Israel's 'E-1' plan to dissect the West Bank, isolate East Jerusalem. By Oren Ziv Israeli police and army officials showed up in the Palestinian village of Khan al-Ahmar with bulldozers and other heavy equipment for the second day in a row on Thursday, preparing for the impending destruction and forcible displacement of the entire village. [tmwinpost] A dozen Palestinian, Israeli, and international activists tried to block one of the…

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  • How 24,000 new settlement homes allowed Netanyahu to save face

    Israel's nearly unprecedented announcement and subsequent 'review' of plans for 24,000 new settlement units was actually a win-win situation - for everyone but the Palestinians, of course. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was outflanked from the right on Tuesday, purportedly surprised by an announcement of 24,000 – yeah, you read that right – new settlement housing units in the West Bank. Immediately following the first report of the unprecedented settlement expansion, Netanyahu announced he would block construction in E-1, one of the West's least favorite proposed settlement plans. Some eight hours later, he publicly reprimanded his housing minister, denied having…

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  • Housing Ministry publishes massive settlement plan, Netanyahu orders review

    *POST UPDATED BELOW* Israel's Ministry of Housing and Construction (run by Jewish Home MK Uri Ariel, who lives in a West Bank settlement) published tenders last week for 20,000 new settlements units, including a tender to build 1,200 units in the southern part of the highly controversial E-1 area, Haaretz (Hebrew) reported Tuesday. According to Haaretz's Chaim Levinson, the tenders call for construction in 23 settlements, the largest scope in the last decade, at a cost of NIS 50 million. Just minutes after the report came out, Haaretz followed up with the news that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu ordered the housing…

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  • E1 doesn't matter: One-state reality is here

    Those who think that E1 is the nail in the coffin of the two-state 'solution' are willfully blind to the fact that a one-state outcome is already on the ground and that the Zionist militias started building it before there ever was an Israel. I know this is a little late. The big brouhaha about E1 was, what, a few weeks ago? I wasn’t paying that much attention because, as someone who spends a lot of time traveling between Jerusalem and the West Bank--and noticing the one unequal state already on the ground--I didn't quite get the fuss about E1.…

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  • Israeli consensus much prefers Ma'aleh Adumim to peace

    Netanyahu didn't invent the E-1 dealbreaker that's got the world so mad at him; it goes back to Rabin and reflects overwhelming Israeli opinion. Except for right wingers, people look at the outrage over Bibi's revival of the E-1 plan, which would connect Jerusalem and the eastward Ma'aleh Adumim settlement with thousands of new homes, and say: Well, that's Bibi for you, picking fights for no good reason. Who needs more settlement construction? But if you ask them - "them" meaning all but the left-wing fringe among Israeli Jews and the country's supporters abroad - whether they're willing to give…

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