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Duma arson

  • Yes, Israel does differentiate between Jewish and Palestinian terror

    When Palestinians demand their attackers receive the same punishments as those who target Jews, the pretense of equal treatment before the law slips away. Some of Israel's most hardline politicians are fond of saying that they don't differentiate between terror attacks perpetrated by Jews and Palestinians. In the wake of the Duma arson that killed three members of the Dawabsheh family, the likes of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, Miri Regev, Ayelet Shaked and Naftali Bennett were all heard singing variations on the theme of "terror is terror, no matter whether Jewish or Arab." [tmwinpost] The Israeli state and its judges, however, continue…

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  • A law banning torture in Israel? Don’t hold your breath

    An anti-torture law currently being drafted by the Justice Ministry is not enough to fix an entire legal system that allows the practice to be used against an occupied population. During its review session at the UN Committee Against Torture in Geneva on Wednesday, Israel’s representatives informed the committee that the Justice Ministry is drafting a bill that, for the first time, would explicitly enshrine torture as a crime under Israeli law. This appears to be a very positive development in a years-long battle to end Israel’s use of torture, championed by torture victims, human rights groups, and UN bodies.…

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  • Settlers protest alleged torture of Jewish teens in Tel Aviv

    Israel's security service, the Shin Bet, has been using torture against suspects in the arson-murder of an entire Palestinian family, their attorneys and friends allege. Approximately 15 far-right settlers gathered in front of Israel's national theater in central Tel Aviv Wednesday afternoon to stage a theatrical protest against Israeli authorities' alleged use of terror against Jewish minors. [tmwinpost] The group repeatedly blindfolded one of the protesters, placed him down on a metal bed frame and mock tortured him — while he screamed and flailed — until he ultimately confessed to some unknown crime. Lawyers for suspects in the Duma arson, in…

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