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  • Sheldon Adelson's paper on Romney's latest gaffe: 'It will help him'

    The most widely read paper in Israel believes that Romney basically told the truth about the '47 percent.' Except for the radical fringe of the Republican Party, there is almost an absolute consensus that Mitt Romney's "47 percent" remark was stupid and damaging to his candidacy. A story on Politico yesterday quoted the many attacks on Romney from leading right-wing columnists, among them Peggy Noonan, David Brooks, Bill Kristol, Jonah Goldberg, Michael Warren, David Frum and more. Yet in Israel, Sheldon Adelson's paper, Israel Hayom, chose to put a different spin to the affair. Quoting an interview by Ann Coulter…

  • Top pundit for Sheldon Adelson's free daily - on PM Office payroll

    Dr. Dror Eydar, known for his criticism of leftwing NGOs and his support for Netanyahu, has a contract for NIS 50,000 at the Prime Minister's Office. According to Eydar, he has been advising Deputy Prime Minister Ya'alon on the evangelical Christian community in America. Another piece in the Netanyahu-Adelson puzzle was revelead yesterday when Channel 10 news reported that Dror Eydar, senior pundit for the free daily Israel Hayom, was hired by the Prime Minister's Office for various speechwriting and consulting assignments. Israel Hayom, launched in July 2007, is the most widely read paper in Israel. It is distributed for free, and,…

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