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domestic violence

  • Israel looks to alter gun policy, and women are most at risk

    In response to the recent wave of violence Israel's public security minister wants to put more guns in more (men's) hands and in more homes. The only guaranteed result, however, is that more women will be killed inside their own homes. By Rela Mazali Israel’s gun policy is changing as you read this. The country’s gun policy was already dubious at best, but now moving toward catastrophic. The catastrophe will play out over time in multiple “small” tragedies, wrecking multiple “small” lives. In hindsight, once they’ve occurred, all of them will have been predictable and preventable. But, preventable or not,…

  • Women in Nazareth stand up against domestic violence

    Palestinian women citizens of Israel demonstrated against the police's failure to address domestic violence and violence against women earlier this month. At the start of the October a Palestinian woman and her two children were killed by an ex-husband in a murder-suicide. The woman had asked for police protection months before, but was denied. Following the murder, Palestinian women in the north of Israel stood up and said, "enough is enough. Women's blood is not worth any less than [men's]."

  • WATCH: Arab women protest against domestic violence in Israel

    In the past decade, 76 Arab women have been murdered in domestic violence in Israel. The 'Committee for the Struggle against the Murder of Women in Arab Society' held an event protesting murder and violence against Arab women. Families of the victims are still demanding justice since most of the murderers are still free.

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