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divide and conquer

  • How Palestinians can reverse Israel’s divide and conquer tactics

    Oslo allowed Israel to reduce Palestinians to disparate fragments, each with their own challenge to merely survive. It’s time to reset that reality and view the Palestinians for what they are — physically fragmented, politically divided, but a whole people. By Sam Bahour Most veteran observers, including Israeli security authorities and Palestinian leadership, were dumbfounded by recent events in Jerusalem, where tens of thousands of Palestinians mobilized non-violently in response to the Israeli closure of the Old City and placement of metal detectors at the entrance of the Dome of Rock and Al-Aqsa Mosque. What was the secret ingredient that…

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  • Israel's Druze reject Netanyahu's divide-and-conquer policies

    A newly-approved Druze town is slated to be built atop destroyed Palestinian villages. But the Druze community refuses to let the government sow discord among Israel's ethnic minorities under the guise of development. With great fanfare, the Prime Minister's Office released a press statement Tuesday announcing that the National Planning Council had approved the prime minister's initiative to build a new Druze town in Israel. According to Netanyahu, the town would be the first since the foundation of the state. Netanyahu made much of the plan, claiming it would "advance the Druze sector." (Sector is the term Israel uses to describe its…

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  • Black labor: How a white elite uses black soldiers to enforce its will

    A new photo project focuses on the soldiers of Israel’s Border Police, the main military unit used to enforce the occupation of the Palestinians. Shot in various locations across Israel and the occupied Palestinian territories, 'Black Labor' looks at the points of impact where Israel’s elite pits black Jews against Palestinians. Photos by Mati Milstein, text by Tom Mehager Mati Milstein's "Black Labor" project reveals the face of the "Second Israel," the antithesis of those Israelis who have always been viewed as the "salt of the earth." When the parents of those photographed arrived to this country, the establishment viewed them…

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