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  • A guide to an anti-capitalist, non-Zionist Passover

    A hilarious new radical Passover Haggadah by the London-based Jewdas collective provides Jews across the diaspora the opportunity to hold their own alternative seder. By Michal Zweig and Aaron Kaiser-Chen A Jewdas Haggadah (Pluto Press, 2019) Fraught with Ashkenormativity, punctuation and spelling irregularity, and all-around anarchy, the Jewdas Haggadah has arrived this Passover, just as Jews around the world are feeling a rise in right-wing movements, anti-Semitism, and white supremacy. Sometimes, in the face of hatred and terror, it’s good to have a laugh and take the piss on Jewish establishments, which continue to prove ineffective and reactionary. [tmwinpost] Meet Jewdas. Readers may recall this…

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  • This is how to fight Israel's Jewish Nation-State Law

    From Palestinian refugees to High Court justices, the Jewish Nation-State law will have a significant impact on several groups affected by the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. This is what we can do about it. By Said Zeedani The Jewish Nation-State Law, a new law with the force of a constitutional amendment, enshrined Israel as the exclusive nation-state of the Jewish people, demoted the official status of the Arabic language, and gave the right of self-determination in Israel to Jews alone. Palestinian political leaders, Israeli opposition politicians, and dovish Jewish-American groups all lambasted the passage of the law earlier this year, with some saying the law amounted…

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  • The 'Jewish tent' just became even smaller

    The defunding of an Israel program with a progressive, human rights framework is an affront to all progressive Jews around the world. By Rebecca Arian Last week, the Jewish Agency announced it would be cutting funding to Achvat Amim (“Solidarity of Nations”), a program offering participants the opportunity to live in Israel and volunteer with organizations dedicated to fostering human rights and coexistence. The Jewish Agency’s decision resulted from participants’ protest activity in Palestinian areas in the West Bank earlier this year. This move is just one of countless examples of mainstream Jewish institutions setting the parameters of the Jewish tent,…

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  • What happens when teaching diaspora Jews about occupation gets 'too political'

    An item on Israel's top news program falsely accused a volunteer program that allows young diaspora Jews to directly engage with the occupation, of sending its members to clash with IDF soldiers, causing it to lose its main source of funding. Now one of 'Achvat Amim's organizers is speaking out: 'I hadn't experienced being lied about and mischaracterized in public in such an extreme way before.' Karen Isaacs was on her way to her sister's wedding in Toronto when Israel's most-watched news program ran a primetime item accusing her and her partner Daniel of sending diaspora Jews into violent confrontations with IDF soldiers in the West Bank. Channel…

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  • PHOTOS: A week of joint struggle in Sumud Freedom Camp

    For over a week, Jewish activists from across the globe have joined Palestinians in an effort to rebuild a depopulated village in the West Bank.  By: Ahmad Al-Bazz / It has been over a week since 250 Palestinians, Israelis, and diaspora Jews came together to establish the "Sumud Freedom Camp" on the site of Sarura, a former Palestinian village in the West Bank, whose residents were expelled by Israeli forces between 1980 and 1998 ("sumud" is Arabic for steadfastness). Organizers announced that the “camp will stand until the families can return to the homes.” In the daytime, activists worked together to…

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  • Diaspora Jews must place our bodies on the line

    As internationals and Jews, we are unjustly privileged — and therefore obligated to take part in nonviolent direct action in support of the Palestinian struggle for freedom. By Leanne Gale My first protest in the West Bank was in 2012. On the advice of a college professor, I went to a demonstration in Susya, a Palestinian village in the South Hebron Hills. The village was then, as now, under threat of demolition. [tmwinpost] When we arrived, along with a few other American students affiliated with J Street U, there were already around 700 Palestinians, Israelis, and internationals present. The children of…

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  • From Moscow to Jerusalem: My lifelong journey to becoming Israeli

    When I arrived in Israel, 25 years ago this week, it was the first time I realized I was 'Russian.' I had only been a Jew and a Soviet citizen, or so I thought. By Ksenia Svetlova Aliya is a lifelong journey, and this week I'm marking 25 years since mine started. On August 8, 1991, the movers came. I was still in bed, and my mother woke me up gently. The people who bought our furniture came to collect the beds. We spent our final night on stacks of old blankets provided by friends and neighbors. Our house was…

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  • Diaspora Jews, it's time to step up

    For years there have been calls for on-the-ground opposition to the occupation. Now there are a growing number of Jewish platforms — and voices — seeking to make it happen. By A. Daniel Roth The way the world is talking about the Israeli occupation is changing. Alongside that change, opportunity is knocking for those of us standing in opposition: calls for diaspora Jews to be present on the ground in Israel and Palestine are increasing. An important shift is beginning to take place — right now. [tmwinpost] The writing is on the wall. Since Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was re-elected,…

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  • COMIC: Google Glass for the Gaza gaze

    By Eli Valley Eli Valley is a writer and artist whose work has been published in New York Magazine, The Daily Beast, Gawker, Saveur, Haaretz and elsewhere. He is currently finishing his first novel. Eli’s website is and he tweets at @elivalley. More from Eli Valley: What if Mahmoud was named Jonah? A Passover lesson: ‘And then we were free’ Why even god can't reach a two-state solution

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  • For European author, Hebrew culture existed outside Zionism

    Where is the center of Jewish identity? Israel or the Diaspora? Can we have a thriving Hebrew language and culture without a Jewish majority country? World Jewry seems to be standing at a critical junction in history. While more than half of us still remain in the Diaspora, intermarriage will probably tip the balance towards Israel in the next two decades. Ironically, Israel is pursuing expansionist and settlement policies that will most likely result in one state, where Jews will be a minority, the Palestinian population the majority. At the same time, the discourse surrounding Israel’s history vis a vis…

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