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  • J Street conference confronts America's 'blank check' to Israel

    WASHINGTON — In the shadow of the World Series, the reported killing of ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, and the one-year anniversary of the Tree of Life Massacre in Pittsburgh, 4,000 people gathered in the U.S. capital for J Street’s eighth annual conference, titled “Rise to the Moment.” In some ways, J Street did just that. The conference was dominated by the message that the U.S. government should no longer provide — as the organization's president, Jeremy Ben-Ami, put it — a “blank check” to Israel. “It is important for the U.S. to take a very close look at whether or not our…

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  • The end of the Netanyahu era doesn't mean the end of the occupation

    If Netanyahu is replaced, things might actually get worse for Palestinians. As election results started pouring in Tuesday night, one could hear a sigh of relief – and even some cries of joy – among Israelis who identify with the center-left. [tmwinpost] According to near-final results, the right absorbed a serious blow. Its voter intimidation campaign failed to deter Palestinian citizens of Israel from going to the polling stations, and may have actually backfired, giving the Joint List additional mandates. Meanwhile, the Zionist left parties held on to the same number of seats as in the previous election. The Netanyahu era is probably coming to an end. His options are…

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  • On Palestine-Israel, Cory Booker and Kamala Harris miss the progressive wave they seek to ride

    Senators Booker and Harris' hawkish records on Israel stand at odds with a democratic voting block that is increasingly connecting Palestinian rights to a host of other racial and social justice issues. By Rebecca Pierce On April 13, Democratic primary candidate Cory Booker launched his campaign at a kickoff event in Newark, New Jersey with a slogan of “Justice for All.” Booker’s slogan quickly came under fire from student protesters who responded to his vocal support for pro-Israeli government policies with cries of “Justice for Palestine!” [tmwinpost] The protest was just the latest example of increasing left-wing skepticism of Democratic candidates…

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  • The Israeli Left must address declining support among Democrats

    Progressive Americans are angered and alienated by the policy choices and rhetoric of Israel’s right-wing government. This is why the Israeli Left should care. By Daniela Tolchinsky A recent Pew Research Center study shows sinking support for Israel among Democrats, with only 27 percent indicating they support Israel more than the Palestinians. According to the same study, 79 percent of Republicans say they support Israel over the Palestinians. [tmwinpost] The right wing in Israel will undoubtedly look to claim this erosion of Democratic support as an indication that it serves Israelis best to simply ally with Trump and his cronies, who appear to give Israelis…

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  • America’s choice on Iran: Obama’s peace or Netanyahu's war

    If Bibi, the Israel lobby and the GOP stymie this historic nuclear deal, it will be very bad for Israel, America and America’s Jews. Anybody who thinks Obama has won, that Israel and the Israel lobby and the Republicans are just going to concede the Iran nuclear deal without a fight, could not be more wrong. For the Israeli and American Jews involved, this is the supreme cause of their lives – preventing another Holocaust, as they see it. The framework agreement announced last Thursday looks to them like Munich. These are the terms they use. For the American gentile…

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  • Backed by court, East Jerusalem settlement expands into Palestinian home

    In Israel, a settler's pre-1948 property claim provides legal grounds for the takeover of private Palestinian land. The property deeds of scores of Palestinians are disregarded, because there is one set of laws for Jews and another for Palestinians. Separate and unequal. By Moriel Rothman Last month, as last minute wrangling over the Democratic Party platform offered Americans a front-row seat to the farce that often accompanies discourse about Jerusalem, events in the holy city reached their own new level of absurdity, though with far more serious and immediate consequences. Early on Sunday, September 2, Jewish settlers took over a single room…

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  • Bibi has no reason to fear an Obama victory

    A second-term President Obama wouldn't be beholden only to himself, but to the Democratic Party, which is scared stiff of taking on Israel.  I would love to share the hope that if Obama wins on November 6 - and at this point, going by the polls, it would take satanic intervention for Romney to beat him - he would "teach Bibi a lesson," and, more importantly, make good on his horribly failed promise to do everything in his power to forge the two-state solution. But I don't see it. After talking tough at the start of his presidency and getting…

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  • WATCH: Chaos at DNC as Obama seeks to declare Jerusalem Israel capital

    The uniqueness of the American political system with regards to Israel/Palestine is a form of self-deception. The Republicans are clearly living on the moon, as many have yet to hear about the existence of Palestinians. But the Democratic elite is not much better, especially when elections are around the corner. The Democrats' post-trauma from President Obama's early attempt at applying some feeble pressure on Israel over the issue of settlements was exposed at the Democratic National Convention last night. The party has been attacked by the Republicans for not including a recognition of Jerusalem as Israel's capital (read: occupied and…

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  • Poll: Netanyahu, US congress & AIPAC stand to the right of Israeli public

    According to Maariv's poll, 57 percent of Israelis accept the principles outlined in president Obama's Middle East speech. By being more pro-Israeli than the Knesset, the US Congress indicates that the road to peace and justice in the region cannot pass through Washington In the morning following Prime Minister Netanyahu's speech before a joint session of Congress, a poll published by the Israeli daily Maariv indicates that while Netanyahu enjoys considerable support among Israelis, the public is far more inclined than its prime minister to make concessions to the Palestinians. According to a Teleseker-Maariv poll, conducted last night, a clear…

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