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  • Democracy, delegitimization and denial in Israel

    By Aeyal Gross Does the decision to form a parliamentary committee to investigate Israeli human rights groups mark the end of Israeli democracy? I would rather consider it as another nail in the coffin. Early in 2010 I wondered whether we are seeing the end of Israeli democracy. Indeed, the investigative committee is only a part of a wider phenomenon of attempts to silence and de-legitimize criticism and protest. The question of whether Israel could be described as a democracy is not a new one. Mostly, it is the long term occupation that cast a doubt on Israel’s nature as…

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  • Delegitimizing Israel: the dictionary

    The debate about the "delegitimizing" of Israel is often shallow, and fraught with vague and circular definitions. An examination of  a series of statements that are often labeled as "delegitimizing" Israel raises serious questions about this high-profile campaign   James Besser, in the "Jewish Week" defines delegitimizing Israel in the following way: To me, “delegitimization” refers to efforts to promote the idea that Israel is not a legitimate member of the community of nations – that its creation was improper, or that it has somehow rendered itself beyond the pale through its actions. This is too vague (not to mention circular).…

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