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Defense Ministry

  • Israeli government bars Palestinians from joint memorial ceremony

    The Israeli Defense Ministry canceled all permits for Palestinian peace activists from the West Bank to attend a joint ceremony on the eve of Memorial Day. For the first time in the 12 years since its founding, Sunday’s joint Israeli-Palestinian Memorial Day ceremony will take place in Tel Aviv without Palestinian peace activists. In previous years the Israeli Ministry of Defense has allowed tens and even hundreds of Palestinians into Israel so they can attend the event; on this occasion, however, every single permit was canceled. The Defense Ministry claims its decision was in response to the stabbing attack that took…

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  • Who pays when Palestinians are harmed by Israeli forces?

    Over the past 20 years, Israel has assembled an entire system to ensure it won't have to pay compensation to Palestinians harmed by security forces in the occupied territories. It is almost impossible for Palestinians to file successful civil suits against the Israeli military for harm caused to them in the occupied territories, thereby leaving them with no effective avenues for recourse, according to a report published by Israeli human rights clearinghouse B’Tselem on Wednesday. [tmwinpost] As a result of a combination of legislation limiting Israel’s liability toward Palestinians, along with procedural hurdles erected by the military and civilian court systems, the…

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  • Why I'm not afraid of Avigdor Liberman

    My dear leftists, there's really no reason to ask the last person to leave Israel to turn out the lights, as many of you have done over the last 48 hours. Most chances are that things will remain just as bad as they are – which is, in itself, hardly a reason to rejoice. By Gilad Halpern The pioneering 1970s rock band Kaveret (Hebrew for beehive) was groundbreaking in many respects. Other than their huge musical contribution, the band's repertoire included comical, sometimes nonsensical songs that stood in stark contrast to the earnest, stuffy folk songs that had hitherto characterized…

  • WATCH: Israelis say 'enough' to violence and occupation

    Since the beginning of October, more than 120 people — Palestinians and Israelis — have lost their lives, while hundreds of others have been wounded in the latest round of violence. Lives on both sides are cut short, entire families are torn apart, and fear and hatred reign in the streets. Dozens of Israeli activists heeded the call of their Palestinian counterparts and protested in front of the Defense Ministry in Tel Aviv last week to call for an end to the violence.

  • More guns will not make Israelis any safer

    The immediate solution to every threat or conflict in Israel is to give more weapons to civilians, which often end up killing innocents ad disproportionately affects women. By Tanya Rubinstein These days, and actually most of the time, violence in the streets is making headlines on a near-daily basis. The dangers of citizens arming themselves, of the growing militarization of our society, and the way these two intersect to create more violence — especially toward women — can hardly be found in our newspapers. [tmwinpost] Israeli society's sense of security greatly stems from both developing our weapons industry and the…

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  • Israel preventing Gaza woman from attending her own wedding

    According to the Israeli army, Palestinians from Gaza can attend a relative's wedding — just not their own. The Israeli army is denying a 23-year-old Palestinian woman from traveling through Israel to reach her own wedding ceremony in Jordan. [tmwinpost] According to Israeli human rights group Gisha, the petitioner has been engaged to her fiancé — a Palestinian from Gaza with Spanish citizenship — for the past year and a half. Their wedding date has been delayed twice already due to fact that Israel will not let her leave the Gaza Strip, the second time after the couple had already…

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  • Has the IDF found a way to climb down the Susya tree?

    Up against extraordinarily harsh diplomatic pressure from its closest allies, Israel seems to have found a way to save face without creating too much of a fuss — at least temporarily. With more or less the entire Western world warning Israel not to demolish the Palestinian village of Susya and forcefully displace its residents, it is no surprise that the Israeli army might be seeking a way to climb down the tree it is stuck on. So how does one announce that it might not demolish that village which it has been claiming for years has no right to exist?…

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  • With friends like these: How Netanyahu walked all over his closest ally

    Netanyahu's crushing victory wasn't so much over the Left, which never stood much of a chance to begin with. His true and ruthless triumph was over the Right, and especially over one man — his closest ally, Naftali Bennett.  It is difficult to describe Netanyahu’s victory in Tuesday’s elections as anything other than stunning. Stunning not so much for the fact that he had won — this much was reluctantly accepted among most observers throughout the election season. The true shock came as the sheer scope of Netanyahu’s victory was revealed - 30 seats to Herzog’s 24, dramatically strengthening the…

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  • WATCH: Activists call to free conscientious objector outside IDF headquarters

    On May 21, 2013, dozens of people held a solidarity demonstration with conscientious objector Natan Blanc, in front of the Defense Ministry in Tel Aviv. Blanc is serving his tenth prison term for refusing to be drafted into the Israeli army. This is an all time record of number of consecutive prison terms for a conscientious objector. For +972's full coverage of Natan Blanc and conscientious objectors, click here.

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