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deadly force

  • Police allowed to shoot stone throwers: Botched redaction reveals rules of engagement

    Israeli police are pressured to release new rules of engagement for using live ammunition. The document reveals cops are allowed to shoot stone throwers. The kicker: police tried to black out some of the regulations, but their black marker was running low on ink. Israel Police revealed its live-fire rules of engagement Monday in response to a court petition filed by civil rights group Adalah. Parts of the document were redacted with a black marker, but was done so sloppily that large parts of the redaction is still readable (all of it with a little manipulation in photoshop). [tmwinpost] The…

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  • IDF kills Palestinian suspected of vandalism

    Army claims the teen was attempting to damage the separation barrier; his family says he was foraging for plants. Israeli soldiers shot and killed a young Palestinian suspected of vandalism in the southern West Bank on Wednesday, Israeli and Palestinian media reported. The Israeli military spokesperson said the young man was attempting to damage the separation barrier, Ynet reported. His family asserted `he was picking plants for cooking, according to Ma'an. The army claimed it first shot in the air and then at the young man's lower extremities. Nevertheless, this is a case of soldiers using lethal force on a…

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