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  • A year since the Duma murders: Navigating justice and pain

    A year after losing his parents and baby brother, six-year-old Ahmad Dawabshe returns to Duma for the first time. At court hearings for the accused murderers, settler youths taunt the remaining family members. A journey through an unimaginably painful year. “I know you spent a lot of time with the Dawabshe family in the hospital,” said the activist who called me last week. “I need your help.” It’s been a long time since I visited them, I told her. Sunday marks one year since the tragic arson attack, and the images started flashing through my head: how I found myself heading…

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  • Activestills photographer Oren Ziv wins first place in photography competition

    Ziv wins two awards at the 'Local Testimony' competition for series on the firebombing attack in Duma, as well as for series on police violence against Israel's Bedouin. Activestills photojournalist Oren Ziv won first place in two categories in the annual Israeli photography competition, "Local Testimony" for 2015. Ziv won first place in the news category for a series of photos he published on +972 Magazine from the Dawabshe family home in Duma following the arson attack. He also took first place in the "society and community" category for photos he took in the Bedouin township of Rahat following the…

  • There is no reason to trust Israel's 'zero tolerance' policy

    While the government claims to take a 'zero tolerance' stance on terrorism — whether Palestinian or Jewish — the reality on the ground paints a very different picture.  The phrase “zero tolerance” is doing brisk business in Israel-Palestine. Public figures like to talk tough in violent times and 2015 has been a particularly bloody year here, even by our grim standards. "Zero tolerance" sounds, at first, like an impartial expression of the intent to solve problems, impervious to bias or personal agendas. The term has consequently been jumped on by Israeli politicians and security personnel in an attempt to establish parity…

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  • When people can't believe their eyes, it's usually ideology

    +972 published video of undercover Israeli soldiers restraining a Palestinian stone thrower and shooting him point blank in the leg. An astonishing number of people looked at the evidence and refused to believe what they saw. Yesterday I published a post about a video that showed Israeli plainclothes undercover soldiers restraining a Palestinian youth at a West Bank demonstration and shooting him in the leg at point blank range. The youth was clutching a small stone, but was otherwise unarmed. These undercover agents are called "mistarevim" in Hebrew (meaning disguised as an Arab) and "mustarabeen" in Arabic. According to reports from several…

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  • Mother dies of wounds from Duma arson; MKs lament lack of arrests

    Reham Dawabsha is the third fatality from the attack by Jewish extremists in late July. Authorities used the attack as an excuse to increase counter-terrorism authorities but haven't made any arrests in the case. By Yael Marom Reham Dawabsha, who was seriously burned in an arson attack by Israeli extremists in the West Bank village of Duma 39 days ago, succumbed to her wounds early Monday morning. Reham, who turned 27 on Sunday, was mother to one-and-a-half-year-old Ali, and husband to Sa’ad, both of whom were also killed in the terrorist attack on their home. She is survived by four-year-old…

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