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Dalal Erakat

  • Israeli army shatters the illusion of normalcy in Ramallah

    Leading a normal, safe life is a juggling act for any Palestinian family. Even the prospect of enjoying a Christmas dinner with your loved ones and neighbors must take into account the risk of an Israeli army raid, invasion, or closure. By Dalal Erakat Living in Ramallah is thought of as trendy these days, and to a certain extent, represents a relatively luxurious life. Restaurants and cafes are packed, there are clubs and parties on weekends, there are sports and cultural activities, art galleries, and concerts. [tmwinpost] Yet that assumption, that life is good as long as you are inside Ramallah, is not…

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  • A Palestinian mother’s open letter to Melania and Ivanka Trump

    On the occasion of Mother's Day in Palestine, one Palestinian mother discusses how teaching tolerance is becoming more difficult as American policies sow more divisions and violence. By Dalal Erakat Raising kids in Palestine is exhausting — not just physically but also mentally. For as soon as kids become aware of the reality surrounding them, at around the age of three or four, every Palestinian mother must find explanations to help them comprehend what’s going on around them. [tmwinpost] Even a simple trip from the West Bank to Jerusalem requires a strategic plan, especially after Mr. Trump’s recognition of Jerusalem…

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  • Banksy's new project tells the story of Palestine

    Banksy's controversial new hotel and museum in Bethlehem is more than just an interactive art gallery: it also, in the British street artist's inimitable style, lays out the history of Palestine. By Dalal Erakat “Art has something to do with the achievement of stillness in the midst of chaos.” These are the words of Saul Bellow, the late Canadian-American writer. They resonate today in Palestine, in the midst of chaos and between Bethlehem and Jerusalem, at Banksy’s new hotel and museum. [tmwinpost] As you walk down Caritas Street, your eyes will see a dead end: the huge separation wall stands tall,…

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