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  • We will not be erased: Why Palestinians are storming social media on April 30

    Culture matters because it is proof of Palestinian identity and existence. Preserving it and celebrating it is a form of cultural sumud. By Susan Muaddi Darraj In her essay “On the Meaning of Sumoud” for the Palestine Chronicle, Benay Blend defines sumud — which means “steadfastness” in Arabic — as “a mental state of resilience that translates into not accepting the status quo.” [tmwinpost] In Palestine, the “status quo” is the steady attempt to erase Palestinian existence. When a Palestinian school is bulldozed, Palestinians instead hold classes in someone’s home. They replant trees and rebuild homes and entire villages that…

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  • WATCH: Gaza youth dance the dabke in Israeli sniper range

    The world continues to ignore their plight so youth in Gaza are trying to find creative, new ways to fight Israel's siege. Now we can only hope that Israel doesn't declare dancing a form of terrorism. Since the above video was published online last Friday, I haven’t been able to get it out of my head: a young Palestinian girl and a handful of boys dancing the traditional dabke along the Gaza-Israel border against a backdrop of plumes of smoke. Perhaps it is because the video manages to encapsulate so much of the story of the occupation and the siege in two-and-a-half…

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  • The beat goes on: The story of Palestine's national dance

    The Palestinian-Israeli conflict gets more than its share of attention. And yet, listening more attentively to the narrative of the dabke, Palestine’s national dance, gives a new angle to resistance and struggle. By Dana Mills In July 2015 Palestinian activists in London took to the streets to hold a Day of Rage to commemorate the bloodiest day of the Protective Edge, Israel’s 2014 war in Gaza one year earlier. In addition to signs and posters, chants and cries, protesters stormed the British Museum and Barclays Bank in London with a dabke flash mob. In 2012, students at Arizona State University…

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