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cultural terrorism

  • The cultural terrorism of Miri Regev

    By threatening the livelihood of Palestinian theater workers, Regev is committing cultural terrorism: she is putting people's livelihoods at risk — people whose only sin is holding different political principles. In an interview Monday morning, Culture Minister Miri Regev revealed her true intentions to Army Radio host Razi Barkai: she wishes to shut down Haifa's Al-Midan, the only Arabic theater in Israel that receives state funding, if it does not fall in line. [tmwinpost] Here's how we got here. The Ministry of Culture and Sport froze Al-Midan's budget in mid-2015 after it had planned to run a performance of "A Parallel Time," based…

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  • Birthright now offering skateboarding, hip hop-themed trips to Israel

    As if it wasn't enough to offer Jews around the world a trip to Israel totally free of charge, the Birthright industry is now marketing "the only skateboarding trip to Israel" and a "hip hop" trip. This is in addition to the already popular "niche" tours that include those catering to the LGBT community, food enthusiasts and wheelchair-bound Jews. The American Zionist youth movement Young Judea hosting these flyers on its website explains the skateboarding trip as "Based on the core Israel Now itinerary,  this program is specially offered to people who board. No posers. No pushers. Go to explore and to…

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