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cultural resistance

  • El-Hakawati Theater - the complementary nature of stones and puppets

    Israel shut down a Palestinian puppet theater festival last month, but 'cultural and artistic organizations are those parts of the iceberg of Palestinian resistance that remain underwater. If discovered by the State, they vanish and appear elsewhere, in different form, like a phoenix, striving for a freedom that is prefiguratively victorious by its nature.' By Amitai Ben-Abba Puppets, clowns, and general carnivalesque frivolity pose a threat to state authority. Writing on the frivolous mass mobilizations of the “globalization movement,” the anarchist anthropologist David Graeber states in his article On the Pnomenology of Giant Puppets, “Often police strategies aim to destroy…

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  • Photo essay: Freedom Bus tour teaches cultural forms of resistance

    Text by Decca Muldowney The Freedom Bus, an initiative of Jenin's Freedom Theatre, uses interactive theatre and cultural activism to bear witness, raise awareness and build alliances throughout occupied Palestine and beyond. From September 23-October 1 2012, Palestinians and allies from around the world took part in a 9-day solidarity ride through 11 communities in the West Bank of occupied Palestine. During the ride, Palestinian actors and musicians used playback theatre to perform the personal accounts of various community members. Enactments were based on real-life stories on the realities of life under Israeli occupation. The stories we heard underscored the rich Palestinian history of…

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  • Jenin's Freedom Theater raided by the Israeli army

    Overnight, roughly 50 Israeli Special Forces troops raided the Jenin Freedom Theatre in the Jenin Refugee Camp in the Northern West Bank according to members of the theater. The Freedom Theater is often associated with slain Palestinian-Jewish actor Juliano Mer Khamis and his vision of cultural resistance to Israeli occupation. Mer Khamis was shot by unknown gunman outside of the theatre last spring. According to the press release of the Freedom Theater regarding the raid, Ahmad Nasser Matahen, a night guard and technician student at the theatre woke up by heavy blocks of stone being hurled at the entrance of the theatre. As he opened…

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